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@ ~Z~ « Fri 11:25:44 am »
at least ride the woot woot vehicle home then :)
@ Jeff L « Fri 11:14:53 am »
Amtrak gets in too late
@ AARR « Fri 10:57:48 am »
Once, while flying from Wichita to Boston we had a layover in Detroit, our home terminal.
@ Jetlink « Fri 10:31:07 am »
Yeah, Why JEff L no trake AMTRAK??
@ DaveO « Fri 10:18:08 am »
Years back I had a 6 hour layover at LAX. At least I got to enjoy a nice longish hot shower before the trip down the pond.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 10:13:26 am »
Righto Jetlink. Amtrak from GRR-CHI-KCY isn’t a whole lot longer, cheaper, layover in chicago sounds better than the airport, and well, it’s a train ride.
@ Jeff L « Fri 10:10:00 am »
At DFW for a 6hr layover
@ Jetlink « Fri 9:55:49 am »
sounds like something a flight crew does
@ Jetlink « Fri 9:36:59 am »
Jeff L wrote: Live at GRR...........GRR-DFW-MCI
That’s the long way to MCI
@ AARR « Fri 8:12:43 am »
There is a small group of local politicians and advocates trying to get the new F15EX assigned to Selfridge. At this time, it doesn’t sound promising, but it would be very cool if it happened.
@ AARR « Fri 6:48:19 am »
@ Jeff L « Fri 6:11:16 am »
Live at GRR...........GRR-DFW-MCI
@ Jetlink « Fri 12:37:25 am »
Of course seems like the power goes out more when I am gone than when I am home.
@ Jetlink « Fri 12:36:37 am »
SD80MAC wrote: I have the same set up as Jet. Every time I have to hook it up, I think I should’ve just sprang for the stationary, automated generator for a few thousand more
It’s on my list. Probably when this one craps out we will pull the trigger. It is getting harder to start. Mrs Jet used to be able to start it not problem. Last couple of times she has struggled to get it running. Has electric start but the battery is trashed. Probably should replace the battery.
@ Jetlink « Fri 12:34:38 am »
~Z~ wrote: generator in your parts sounds like a good investment. Our power isn’t quite as stable as it was when we lived in town near a retirement home, but still overall very good.
Indeed. I’ve used more than I ever thought I would.
@ Jetlink « Fri 12:33:38 am »
Live from Miami....
@ David Collins « Fri 12:05:44 am »
@ David Collins « Thu 8:20:36 pm »
buffalo wild wings messed up my order, gave me 30 free wings to make up for it :shock:
@ ~Z~ « Thu 4:45:52 pm »
good for you getting a lot of walking in, does the body good.
@ bluewonderrails « Thu 4:42:18 pm »
@ ~Z~ « Thu 4:41:53 pm »
does bluewonder work a job that requires walking? Not many can get 2-3 hours of walking in per day just in exercise time.
@ bluewonderrails « Thu 4:39:55 pm »
I’ve gotten about 20k+ every day for a couple years. Lil by lil getting the effect of that with how my feet are. Could be the new shoes
@ ~Z~ « Thu 2:05:00 pm »
TONY ROBBINS LEGS TIRED. 9.2 miles complete on very uneven surfaces, took about 2.5 hours. Claims 18000 steps.
@ ~Z~ « Thu 2:02:52 pm »
if I were in an area that lost power a lot and had decent sun on the roof, I'd probably go with a solar setup plus battery storage. Feed back to grid during the day, and basically have a generator for when power is out.
@ SD80MAC « Thu 1:43:50 pm »
Seger has great songs. My favorite is "Feel Like A Number"
@ J T « Thu 1:23:28 pm »
~Z~ wrote: I just said a bad word about him - he misspelled his last name. He is damaging the spelling of that. Bad Bob, bad. Also his songs are overall pretty lame.
He’s got a handful of great songs.
@ AARR « Thu 12:25:44 pm »
I have a Generac. Same setup as Kohler. Very happy with it and am glad I have it.
@ SD80MAC « Thu 10:54:01 am »
My parents have a Kholer that is hooked right into their natural gas line. Power goes out, generator kicks on about 30 seconds later. Power restored, shuts itself off and switches the house back to the grid
@ SD80MAC « Thu 10:52:50 am »
I have the same set up as Jet. Every time I have to hook it up, I think I should’ve just sprang for the stationary, automated generator for a few thousand more
@ ~Z~ « Thu 9:52:40 am »
heading out on a hike soon, trying for about 8 miles.
@ ~Z~ « Thu 9:51:57 am »
generator in your parts sounds like a good investment. Our power isn’t quite as stable as it was when we lived in town near a retirement home, but still overall very good.
@ Jetlink « Thu 9:29:58 am »
Now time to get ready for worky.
@ Jetlink « Thu 9:29:27 am »
Consumers says estimated restoration by 11:00 am. Kids go to school Jet goes back to bed. Wakes back up at 0900 and power has been restored. Thanks Consumers. Generator disconnected and stowed until next time.
@ Jetlink « Thu 9:28:25 am »
So I connected and started the generator.
@ Jetlink « Thu 9:28:10 am »
Woke up earlier to a power outage. Kids woke me up. Something about they wanted lights and water and heat to get ready for school.
@ Jetlink « Thu 9:27:33 am »
Wakey Wakey
@ AARR « Thu 6:57:07 am »
@ justin_gram « Thu 12:14:37 am »
@ Jeff L « Thu 12:00:01 am »
@ Jetlink « Wed 11:05:06 pm »
About 1.5 miles on the Jordan lake Trail
@ Jetlink « Wed 11:04:42 pm »
Also walky
@ Jetlink « Wed 9:18:11 pm »
Daughter #3 won both of her matches today. The girls varsity team lost on total points however falling to Lansing Catholic Central by a large margin. Ruby was the only one that bested her opponent. And the team lost both of the baker format lines as well
@ Jetlink « Wed 9:17:44 pm »
Another bowling match today followed by a high school Christmas band concert.
@ Jetlink « Wed 9:17:20 pm »
Evening evening.
@ MQT1223 « Wed 7:05:23 pm »
has started a new topic: CN to buy Iowa Northern
@ NoviRailfan « Wed 11:16:43 am »
has started a new topic: 2024 Local Surface Crossing Projects
@ ~Z~ « Wed 7:06:51 am »
awaken with thee
@ AARR « Wed 6:31:15 am »
@ Jetlink « Wed 12:00:11 am »
calm cold clear night out tonight. The puddles in the road and my driveway have already frozen.
@ Jeff L « Wed 12:00:01 am »
@ Jetlink « Tue 11:59:05 pm »
2.04 miles
@ Jetlink « Tue 11:58:58 pm »
walky complete
@ Jochs « Tue 11:40:55 pm »
@ Jochs « Tue 11:31:01 pm »
has started a new topic: Goshen Man Hit/Killed By Train.
@ Jetlink « Tue 10:46:31 pm »
Time for walky now me thinks.
@ Jetlink « Tue 10:45:42 pm »
We played against Olivet but bowled at the bowling alley in charlotte for some reason. Had to wait for a CN choo at the crossing on Packard hwy.
@ Jetlink « Tue 10:44:50 pm »
Picked them up at 12:15 and we weren’t back home until 5:45. Everything was sooooo sloooooow.
@ Jetlink « Tue 10:44:11 pm »
Talk about a long day.
@ Jetlink « Tue 10:43:10 pm »
Daughter number 3 is on the girls varsity team. Sounds like daughter number 2 may also be joining the team.
@ Jetlink « Tue 10:43:07 pm »
Went to my first high school bowling match today.

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