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@ DaveO « Tue 3:33:14 pm »
par-baked dough. Tim’s franchisees sued (and lost) because they said local baking was cheaper than the stuff coming from the corporate bakery.
@ GRHC « Tue 2:48:41 pm »
Jetlink wrote: Dunkin stopped baking donuts locally about 15 years ago and shifted to focusing on coffee. The donuts are now mass produced and frozen at regional bakeries and delivered and thawed in the serving baskets.
That is because the guy in the Dunkin’ Donuts commercial that said it’s time to make the donuts is dead. I would assume he mostly likely died from obesity and complications from diabetes because he ate too many donuts.
@ Jetlink « Tue 2:44:23 pm »
If you want real large, good, and fresh donuts then head to Main Street in Lake Odessa. Meyer’s hometown bakery is among the best. Baked and fried fresh daily. Huge selection. Won the award for best donuts in Michigan. And has been runner up several times as well. Jeff and Julie Meyers are also personal friends of mine.
@ Jetlink « Tue 2:40:41 pm »
Dunkin stopped baking donuts locally about 15 years ago and shifted to focusing on coffee. The donuts are now mass produced and frozen at regional bakeries and delivered and thawed in the serving baskets.
@ GRHC « Tue 2:37:31 pm »
SD80MAC wrote: Tim Horton’s has the best fast food donuts
Tim Hortons is a Canadian company I wonder if they would take my Canadian nickel…. I agree with SD80MAC that’s why we’re best friends forever.
@ SD80MAC « Tue 1:32:31 pm »
Tim Horton’s has the best fast food donuts
@ AARR « Tue 1:20:46 pm »
And wash it down with a case of Pepsi 🙂
@ DaveO « Tue 12:25:44 pm »
sometimes on friday after stopping at chatham’s for groceries I would get a dozen and consume for dinner. Then regret it all night long.
@ AARR « Tue 12:12:15 pm »
Real donuts like Cops & Donuts
@ DaveO « Tue 11:56:54 am »
I miss when dunkin was dunkin donuts and they sold real donuts. not those small things they became with the cheapest ingredients they could find.
@ Jetlink « Tue 11:56:05 am »
15.53mi Hybrid Cycling 15.53 Distance(mi) 16.50 Avg Speed(mph) 56:29 Duration 791 Calories(kcal) 290.7 Elevation Gain(ft)
@ Jetlink « Tue 11:53:30 am »
Bikey complete. 1 phase. Goal with the wind was at least 15.0 mph avg on 1 phase. I actually made about 16.5.
@ Jetlink « Tue 11:53:01 am »
Speaking of which.
@ Jetlink « Tue 11:52:37 am »
On days I know I am biking I will get 2 though.
@ Jetlink « Tue 11:52:23 am »
Sadly I must confess. I often buy just one Donut on Wednesday morning when I go to the bakery.
@ AARR « Tue 11:21:57 am »
Is it still a crime to buy one donut if it’s a peanut butter long John and a chocolate milk?
@ Jetlink « Tue 10:26:19 am »
Why do you think that I always profess: Railfanning. Serious. Business.
@ Jetlink « Tue 10:25:48 am »
It’s not personal GRHC. It’s just business. We are shrewd here in Lake Odessa land.
@ GRHC « Tue 9:56:38 am »
Jetlink wrote: I wouldn’t take your canadian nickel either.
i’ve had a lot of people say a lot of bad mean things to me on the chat center over the years but your comment was the most hurtful. If you cut me Jetlink I will bleed and my blood is red 🩸
@ Jetlink « Tue 9:41:35 am »
but first Coffee coffee.
@ Jetlink « Tue 9:39:42 am »
Band festival this afternoon. And perhaps rain coming?
@ Jetlink « Tue 9:39:22 am »
Despite the carnage I have witnessed being brought on by GRHC I believe enough stamina remains to take a bike ride this morning.
@ Michael « Tue 9:03:19 am »
I actually admire your restraint GRHC. I just didn’t think it was legal to buy just 1 donut.
@ GRHC « Tue 8:58:35 am »
I’m a bad person 😞
@ ~Z~ « Tue 8:49:54 am »
yeah really, what kind of monster orders only 1 donut? When I go biking and stop at a donut shop, i get 3 to consume :)
and if i'm not biking, I get more - not buying donuts for my kids while I eat one ain't cool. Oh, and they tell me often enough that "cool" isn't current slang.
@ Michael « Tue 8:45:06 am »
He was probably giving you a hard time because you only bought 1 donut :)
@ Jetlink « Tue 8:40:54 am »
I wouldn’t take your canadian nickel either.
@ GRHC « Tue 8:08:05 am »
I went to the bakery yesterday to buy a donut and the man behind the counter would not take my Canadian nickel.
So instead he got five American pennies.
@ ~Z~ « Tue 7:48:50 am »
David - a little bit of an uptick in new members, sure: https://railroadfan.com/phpbb/memberlis ... start=3050
@ Jetlink « Tue 7:33:33 am »
@ AARR « Tue 6:34:44 am »
@ David Collins « Tue 12:14:23 am »
Really random question for ~Z~/Admin; when covid hit, did you notice a spike/jump in people wanting to join the site and become a member?
@ Jeff L « Tue 12:00:24 am »
@ Jetlink « Mon 9:23:34 pm »
AARR wrote: Character building exercise :)
Jetlink wrote:3. Crosswinds and tailwinds.
and I would have said phase 2. Headwinds. That is the character building experience. But what I know is irrelevant.
@ Jetlink « Mon 9:22:12 pm »
Nice work Z
@ AARR « Mon 7:08:18 pm »
That’s a good distance
@ ~Z~ « Mon 6:36:38 pm »
bikey complete, 15 miles.
@ AARR « Mon 6:36:15 pm »
Character building exercise :)
Jetlink wrote:3. Crosswinds and tailwinds.
@ GRHC « Mon 6:08:27 pm »
I have a hunch the Hamilton Northwestern ran this past weekend and I missed it.
@ ~Z~ « Mon 5:59:52 pm »
always a good idea to ride against wind, then ride with it.
@ Jetlink « Mon 5:51:31 pm »
1. Warming up on the gravel road heading to the pavement. 1 mile.
2. Battling headwinds on the eastbound and southbound legs. 9miles.
3. Crosswinds and tailwinds. NE bound leg NW bound leg northbound leg and westbound leg. 13 miles
4. Cool down on the gravel road returning home. 1 mile.
@ Jetlink « Mon 5:51:03 pm »
Bikey complete. 4 phases. About 24 miles total.
@ David Collins « Mon 5:03:41 pm »
6 piece and ranch
@ David Collins « Mon 5:03:31 pm »
Got free wings tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings in Royal Oak
@ Jeff L « Mon 3:48:31 pm »
Nb GLC by Alma at 15:45....396/399 39 cars
@ GAP « Mon 12:59:55 pm »
has started a new topic: "no one steering"
@ Jetlink « Mon 9:26:30 am »
going for lunch with my brothers and hopefully taking a biky this afternoon or evening sometime.
@ Jetlink « Mon 9:23:45 am »
Getting taxes around today :(
@ Jetlink « Mon 9:23:36 am »
wakey part two.
@ AARR « Mon 6:58:28 am »
Walky Walky under a full mooooon
@ AARR « Mon 6:57:36 am »
@ Jeff L « Mon 12:00:01 am »
@ Jetlink « Sun 7:07:41 pm »
Bikey complete. 1 phase. 25.72 miles. https://www.mapmyride.com/workout/7785499699
@ MQT1223 « Sun 6:14:55 pm »
has started a new topic: Indianapolis Q&A
@ ~Z~ « Sun 5:24:39 pm »
got 3 miles of walking in with kiddo, walked to hair cut and back.
@ Jetlink « Sun 3:21:30 pm »
I’ll be going out in the next hour or two for my bike ride. Wind is supposed to lessen as the day progresses
@ AARR « Sun 2:50:31 pm »
I was passed by a LOT of bikers including toddlers on tricycles
@ AARR « Sun 2:49:19 pm »
30-31 miles at Stony Creek Park in less than 2’30”. Wind blowing south to north was brutal.
@ AARR « Sun 2:46:10 pm »
All other challengers have been ban hammered before they could become more irrelevant
~Z~ wrote: AARR has already been presented with a certificate for his irrelevancy. No poll is needed.
@ GRHC « Sun 2:17:58 pm »
Jetlink wrote: Jack showed up for a few minutes to the spring meet in Wauseon whatever year that was. Not sure if he has showed up or posted even much after that.
Funny you should mention Wauseon because CJ Compton just posted a video today from there on his YouTube channel.
I have posted a link below for your viewing pleasure and remember to like share and subscribe… Roll It

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