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@ Jetlink « Thu 9:16:52 am »
Working 3 back to Chicago today Long beach-Vegas-Burbank-Chicago
@ Jetlink « Thu 9:16:21 am »
@ ~Z~ « Thu 8:59:08 am »
Checked out 3 other bridges on the old line as well, one at 133rd Ave, one at North Park in Hopkins, and one at Wamhoff St on south side of Hopkins.
@ ~Z~ « Thu 8:57:39 am »
@ J T « Thu 6:38:08 am »
@ J T « Thu 6:37:15 am »
Z, did you look at the railroad bridge on the north side of Hopkins?
@ Jeff L « Thu 12:00:05 am »
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@ ~Z~ « Wed 10:59:13 pm »
mapped the route, says I rode 42 miles. About 80% was dirt roads, very peaceful day out there. Body was hurting by the end, not used to that much vibration or just not feeling the energy today. Out for 4 hours, probably an hour of looking around at old railroad bridges and food consumption.
@ Chip « Wed 8:19:40 pm »
Hahahahahaha that got censor pwned
@ Chip « Wed 8:14:52 pm »
~Z~ wrote: aye chip, makes more sense. hope you are able to some progress with home life soon,and certainly before retirement.
Depression is a female dog.
@ Tom49801 « Wed 7:13:42 pm »
has started a new topic: CSX M326-04 with PNLX Engines
@ DaveO « Wed 7:11:18 pm »
Be sure to tell her. If we don’t hear from you again, we’ll know how that went :)
@ Jetlink « Wed 6:50:50 pm »
Mrs Jet’s sundries supply company needs to rectify that.
@ Jetlink « Wed 6:49:46 pm »
I hate the current shoes I have. Not comfy at all for long walks.
@ Jetlink « Wed 6:49:22 pm »
Walky complete.7.53 miles
@ ~Z~ « Wed 6:14:01 pm »
aye chip, makes more sense. hope you are able to some progress with home life soon,and certainly before retirement.
@ GR H & C « Wed 3:25:30 pm »
It wasn’t what I would call completely totally obvious but I got what you meant. So I would say you were both right winner chicken dinner.
@ Chip « Wed 3:20:03 pm »
~Z~ wrote: wasn’t obvious. you complain about working many times, so one would guess shorter work days wouldn’t mean a sad emoji.
I complain about stupid things that happen at work. I don’t want to be at home. Bad things happen to my mental state when I’m at home for too long.
@ Jetlink « Wed 3:05:04 pm »
Live from Long Beach California....
@ ~Z~ « Wed 2:34:45 pm »
wasn’t obvious. you complain about working many times, so one would guess shorter work days wouldn’t mean a sad emoji.
@ Chip « Wed 12:50:38 pm »
Short hours at work, I thought that was obvious
@ ~Z~ « Wed 12:29:38 pm »
live from Hopkins, eating donuts, om nom nom
@ ~Z~ « Wed 12:28:03 pm »
short hours, at work do you mean? Short daylight hours this time of year? This site ain't Vaguebook.
@ Chip « Wed 11:29:53 am »
Here we go again with the short hours 😒
@ SD80MAC « Wed 9:28:11 am »
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@ AJR « Wed 7:36:56 am »
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@ ~Z~ « Wed 6:34:37 am »
om nom nom tasty
@ Jeff L « Wed 12:00:01 am »
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@ Jetlink « Tue 11:30:03 pm »
Grilled steaks and burgers on the grill tonight for supper before I left. Lots of fresh garden veggies too and steak fries. Tasty.
@ Jetlink « Tue 11:28:51 pm »
Rode on an empty stomach and with a headwind today. Wasn’t properly nourished and I felt it. Still halfway decent and respectable pace.
@ Jetlink « Tue 11:27:46 pm »
Did my usual 3 phases. main ride 14.15 Distance(mi) 16.69 Avg Speed(mph) 50:53 Duration 722 Calories(kcal) 263.1 Elevation Gain(ft)
@ Jetlink « Tue 11:25:45 pm »
Did get a bikey in this afternoon. Weather was great. Looks even better for you tomorrow.
@ Jetlink « Tue 11:25:16 pm »
Sorry Z won’t make it tomorrow. Wish I could.
@ Jetlink « Tue 11:25:01 pm »
Live from Chicago, 1 block north of clearing yard......
@ ~Z~ « Tue 10:52:20 pm »
Jetlink wrote: Jetlink has a 7:40 am departure from Chicago to Phoenix on Wednesday as of right now.
Boo hiss. Goal is a bakery in Hopkins to refuel as a half-way point tomorrow
@ ~Z~ « Tue 1:54:17 pm »
dunno why he started a new topic, but got that one merged into the old thread.
@ dalek ling « Tue 1:24:11 pm »
@ J T « Tue 11:01:52 am »
No October obit thread yet? Loretta Lynn, dead at 90.
@ Chip « Tue 11:01:34 am »
has started a new topic: October 2022 obituaries
@ J T « Tue 11:01:10 am »
:lol: Good one, stinky.
@ DaveO « Tue 10:52:11 am »
Isn’t he doing it at 10:00:01 PM local time?
@ ~Z~ « Tue 10:50:17 am »
I don’t believe that meme is very accurate at all, Alaskaman.
@ Schteinkuh « Tue 9:18:04 am »
@ Jetlink « Tue 7:18:16 am »
@ Jetlink « Tue 12:06:35 am »
@ Jetlink « Tue 12:06:31 am »
Jetlink has a 7:40 am departure from Chicago to Phoenix on Wednesday as of right now.
@ Jeff L « Tue 12:00:01 am »
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@ ~Z~ « Mon 11:49:48 pm »
wednesday vacation day is set. Thinking riding down to hopkins area and back. SW wind for the day, seems like a good place to try riding, haven’t ridden out that way yet. Jetlink - if you end up with the day off, let's ride.
@ GP30M4216 « Mon 10:35:54 pm »
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@ Jetlink « Mon 10:35:11 pm »
with the warmer temps I’m back up to my normal paces.
@ Jetlink « Mon 10:34:45 pm »
20.17 Distance(mi) 17.58 Avg Speed(mph) 1:08:52 Duration 1,043 Calories(kcal) 334.3 Elevation Gain(ft)
@ Jetlink « Mon 10:33:58 pm »
3 phase. 1 mile warm up main ride of 20 miles 1 mile cool down.
@ Jetlink « Mon 10:33:32 pm »
bikey complete; warmer during the ride today, rode during daylight hours.
@ Jetlink « Mon 10:30:31 pm »
I need to clean mine out probably. It’s been a few years. My brother borrowed my extension ladders and didn’t return them for a couple years so it hadn’t been done. I went and borrowed the ladders back finally.
@ DaveO « Mon 8:50:54 pm »
Neighbor had it done a month ago. I’m glad they did. The son had been doing it but passed a couple years ago. When it got really, really bad I dragged my ladder out and did it. But I told them that my health needed to limit me doing it to my home only in the future.
@ DaveO « Mon 8:48:29 pm »
~Z~ wrote: I bet JT has something to say on this subject
It’s the do as I say not as I do. They just need to cut that statement out and it’s good, more or less.
@ Talk « Mon 8:37:51 pm »
@ GR H & C « Mon 6:45:23 pm »
~Z~ wrote: :P the building I worked out of for about 10 years is turning into a mega church: "We came across this building and decided to pursue it. When I first moved here, I prayed over this building for many years, that God would make it a church — because, to me, it already looks like one."https://www.hollandsentinel.com/story/b ... 509578007/
This is very true my cousin came over who I haven’t seen in 15 years starts talking to me and tells me I need to go to church and what church does she want me to go to …family church.

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