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@ Tim « Sun 9:27:52 am »
has started a new topic: GR&I Big Rapids Depot
@ DaveO « Sun 9:03:24 am »
Been a crazy summer. With a one week exception, the grass has been growing fast enough to be mowed more that once a week. But it hasn’t :mrgreen:
@ DaveO « Sun 9:01:36 am »
Derechos cause more property damage around here than tornadoes ever have. But you get way more warning they’re coming. The homes on the west end of my sub(and beyond) have lost power again. Something like 3 times in 2 weeks. These are extended outages.
@ AARR « Sun 8:59:18 am »
The important thing is when these natural events do happen we all chip in a help our neighbors
@ AARR « Sun 8:58:03 am »
Anyway, there have always been tornados and even after the transition to green energy is complete there will continue to be tornados, hurricanes, storms, heavy rains, etc.
@ AARR « Sun 8:56:58 am »
A satellite view showed the same results over a several mile path
@ AARR « Sun 8:56:36 am »
For example my house looked like it was hit by a bomb but both of my neighbors who are less than 50-75’ away had no damage and barely a few branches in their yards
@ AARR « Sun 8:55:35 am »
The force of straight winds tends to be more severe even though its destructive route is much narrower
@ AARR « Sun 8:54:54 am »
My house survived a direct hit from "straight winds" a few years ago. Look it up but essentially straight winds is a tornado except the wind runs a very narrow path instead of a wide circular path.
@ AARR « Sun 8:53:43 am »
Dave, I’m 58, there have been tornado’s as long as I’ve been alive. I’ve sat through many a severe storm and watched.
@ AARR « Sun 8:52:40 am »
Armada was hit hard last night. I’ll be biking through there today but the path is a mile from downtown so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to see.
@ David Collins « Sun 8:45:55 am »
Just showing how unprecedented this is
@ David Collins « Sun 8:45:32 am »
I live in Bloomfield Hills and I’ve actually never have had to do this in my entire life and I’m 17 years old so a bit of panic ensued
@ David Collins « Sun 8:44:50 am »
AARR wrote: Wind picked up a little when the tornado in Rochester passed by even though I couldn’t see it
it doesn’t matter it could have been rain wrapped
@ AARR « Sun 7:18:20 am »
@ Saturnalia « Sun 1:54:58 am »
I presume the half hour late departure was due to the storm causing a ground halt for a bit?
@ Saturnalia « Sun 1:54:39 am »
I bet some passengers were wondering if they were on the wrong flight for a hot second
@ Saturnalia « Sun 1:54:27 am »
lol nice!
@ Jetlink « Sun 1:43:45 am »
But we had a good and safe ride all the way and landed over an hour late.
@ Jetlink « Sun 1:43:12 am »
@ Jetlink « Sun 1:43:10 am »
Live from Memphis. We took off out of chicago and flew west all the way to Kansas city before we ended ran the stormline. Then cut back to the south east to Memphis. Original routing was 1:06. Storm avoidance routing was 2:04.
@ Jeff L « Sun 12:25:13 am »
#1 Alpha Male
@ Chip « Sat 10:02:50 pm »
Storms came and went. Lots of rain and some lightning. Not much else.
@ DaveO « Sat 9:20:16 pm »
Only had a little over an inch of rain but it came down at once. Ground has been waterlogged most of this summer. Drain box at street backed up well into the yard and stayed there for quite some time. Haven’t seen that happen in 35 years.
@ Chip « Sat 8:41:39 pm »
Storms approaching my neck of the woods. Starting to hear thunder in the distance
@ AARR « Sat 8:37:53 pm »
Wind picked up a little when the tornado in Rochester passed by even though I couldn’t see it
@ AARR « Sat 8:36:49 pm »
It’s raining steady here but not much wind action
@ AARR « Sat 8:35:49 pm »
Actually tree branches covered about 1/3 of my house afterwards
@ AARR « Sat 8:35:07 pm »
Amazingly it did little damage to my house but immense tree damage
@ DaveO « Sat 8:35:03 pm »
good when you only see them on tv. uninterruptible power supply getting a workout right now
@ AARR « Sat 8:34:25 pm »
It’s the only time in my life I went to the basement
@ AARR « Sat 8:33:52 pm »
A few years ago my house took a direct hit from “straight winds”
@ DaveO « Sat 8:33:27 pm »
the dte outage map is getting a rash yet again. good indicator of where storms went https://outage.dteenergy.com/map
@ AARR « Sat 8:33:01 pm »
DaveO, tornadoes north and south of me but I haven’t seen them yet
@ Chip « Sat 8:32:55 pm »
DaveO wrote: nws radar actually providing timely/looping images. NWS was way overdue for server capacity increases.
And they’re well aware of it too. Government won’t give them the money to do it. I know someone who works for NWS-ILN Down in Cincinnati.
@ DaveO « Sat 8:23:14 pm »
nws radar actually providing timely/looping images. NWS was way overdue for server capacity increases.
@ Chip « Sat 8:20:46 pm »
I live about 6 miles from where it initially touched down in Gibraltar.
@ DaveO « Sat 8:20:46 pm »
8:14 confirmed tornado near Memphis(Armada)
@ Chip « Sat 8:20:19 pm »
A couple of years ago (October 2018) we had one pass through Gibraltar, cross the Trenton Channel and hit Grosse Ile. It passed 2 doors down from my in-laws’ house. No real damage since it was EF-0 but a ton of trees down and they were without power for a few days
@ DaveO « Sat 8:17:04 pm »
confirmed tornadoes near Clarkston and Armada shortly after 8pm you still there AARR?
@ Chip « Sat 8:11:09 pm »
That’s both fun and scary. Stay safe brother
@ AARR « Sat 8:09:12 pm »
Another tornado spotted that will be moving south of me 6-8 miles
@ Jetlink « Sat 8:03:29 pm »
Working one to memphis in about 40 minutes.
@ Jetlink « Sat 8:02:18 pm »
Crept across it with flashers on. A few other brave souls crossed with me. Many were parking at the toll plazas on both sides.
@ Jetlink « Sat 8:01:33 pm »
Crazy storm poured just as i got to skyway bridge.
@ Jetlink « Sat 8:01:16 pm »
Live from chicago midway airport…
@ AARR « Sat 7:59:49 pm »
If it follows the forecasted path it’ll go by 5 miles north of me
@ trnwatcher « Sat 7:58:49 pm »
uh oh.....twisters
@ AARR « Sat 7:58:28 pm »
Sitting on my front porch watching for it
@ AARR « Sat 7:58:05 pm »
Tornado warning for Macomb County
@ ~Z~ « Sat 7:38:37 pm »
gdlk listened!
@ trnwatcher « Sat 6:46:42 pm »
heard some thunder a bit a go....no rain so far
@ AARR « Sat 6:37:19 pm »
I love to sit on my front porch during a storm
~Z~ wrote: good storm through here the last 30 mins, sat on porch and watched it roll through
@ ~Z~ « Sat 6:31:41 pm »
grilling now. Gdlk needs to get back to 5 days a week. Many weeks recently are only seeing 3 days of runs.
@ ~Z~ « Sat 6:31:34 pm »
good storm through here the last 30 mins, sat on porch and watched it roll through
@ Saturnalia « Sat 6:21:38 pm »
Looks like the storms are weakening a bit too
@ Saturnalia « Sat 6:21:02 pm »
There are a couple eastbounds being allowed to outrun the storms
@ Saturnalia « Sat 6:20:25 pm »
There are T-storm warnings out from Chicago to Gary
@ trnwatcher « Sat 6:08:25 pm »
why are t-storms parking trains? that makes no sense

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