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@ ~Z~ « Fri 2:07:47 pm »
Tomy Robbins getting tired
@ ~Z~ « Fri 2:07:34 pm »
at spring Grove park near hudsonville
@ SD80MAC « Fri 1:46:48 pm »
Thanks Doug! I didn’t know that and will update my caption
@ ~Z~ « Fri 1:36:54 pm »
at the Ottawa executive airport awaiting a plane to take off
@ C&O Dispatcher « Fri 12:48:04 pm »
*to spell it Oh, and great photo by the way.
@ C&O Dispatcher « Fri 12:46:59 pm »
Not to be critical SD80MAC (cuz I never would :) ), but the junction is spelled Penford. Trust me, I had a spell it many times copying orders at Carleton.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 12:38:18 pm »
live from the Wendy’s in Holland via bicycle
@ SD80MAC « Fri 10:52:21 am »
@ ~Z~ « Fri 9:29:02 am »
think I’ll point my bike towards Holland today. can’t drive my bike anywhere to ride some other trail far away, so have to start from home.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 9:28:25 am »
rpm doesn’t seem to fluctuate, engine sounds normal... I hope it’s just a loose wire to the sensor. oil pump replacement is many many hours to tear the engine apart, so hope it’s not that
@ ~Z~ « Fri 9:27:25 am »
exactly. the work they did last month involved replacing oil plug gasket, and gave an oil change. plus worked on suspension parts right next to the oil pressure sensor. the light keeps coming on and going off, even just sitting idle at a stop light.
@ Jetlink « Fri 9:04:16 am »
About the most catastrophic thing that can happen to a car.
@ Jetlink « Fri 9:04:01 am »
Also Low engine oil pressure. Not good.
@ Jetlink « Fri 9:03:42 am »
~Z~ wrote: you know what today is? it’s a vacation day aka bike ride day! after I take car back to shop as low engine oil pressure light turned on... not sure what’s up
Will be biking today as well Z
@ Jetlink « Fri 9:03:14 am »
@ AARR « Fri 8:54:25 am »
Have a nice day ~Z~
@ Talk « Fri 8:18:57 am »
#3 Charlie Male
@ ~Z~ « Fri 7:59:54 am »
you know what today is? it’s a vacation day aka bike ride day! after I take car back to shop as low engine oil pressure light turned on... not sure what’s up
@ AARR « Fri 6:49:07 am »
@ Jeff L « Fri 12:00:01 am »
#1 Alpha Male
@ David Collins « Thu 7:31:25 pm »
thanks aarr
@ AARR « Thu 7:23:13 pm »
This topic was merged with Chips Music Musings because they seem the same to me
David Collins wrote: has started a new topic: Recommended music
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has started a new topic: Recommended music
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@ David Collins « Thu 5:40:48 pm »
I’m so angry, I’m going on hiatus for my YT channel and I announced it, I said in the description of my video for my opinions to be respected as to why but no one reads YT descriptions anymore ig
@ LansingRailFan « Thu 4:13:25 pm »
Lol carpet bombing Sandy Mining in Fostoria?
@ DaveO « Thu 3:43:30 pm »
~Z~ wrote: PM describing this has been sent..lets see if we get a response
Based on his post over at... he believes carpet bombing is the best method.
@ DaveO « Thu 3:41:06 pm »
Saturnalia wrote: Live from Randolph St Station
Took me a second on that one :lol:
@ David Collins « Thu 2:40:20 pm »
someone get this rain out of here smh
@ Talk « Thu 1:37:49 pm »
@ ~Z~ « Thu 1:37:26 pm »
PM describing this has been sent..lets see if we get a response
@ ~Z~ « Thu 1:34:08 pm »
and sandpatch just posted the Fostoria model train sale into the michigan forum, again...well, i should say, tried to post. Added him to the noobcake group yesterday so he has to get a moderator approval before the thread will show up. Denied with an explanation sent back to him. Man, i wish i could get through to him.
@ Saturnalia « Thu 12:54:50 pm »
Live from Randolph St Station
@ J T « Thu 12:36:02 pm »
Lots of rain in June and July here in the GR area (more than average, I believe)
@ ~Z~ « Thu 10:19:44 am »
city water and sewer here as well dave, so yeah, i don’t run the water unless needed.
@ SD80MAC « Thu 9:53:51 am »
So I water as much as I want, lol
@ SD80MAC « Thu 9:53:42 am »
I have a well and septic
@ DaveO « Thu 9:48:53 am »
I don’t mind paying for the lawn water, but the sewer charge is nuts. The numbers show as the sewer charge has gone up, lawn watering and that revenue goes down. That has caused many communities to impose a fixed base charge.
@ SD80MAC « Thu 9:15:56 am »
We’ve had periods of rain, for sure, but its also been very dry
@ SD80MAC « Thu 9:15:42 am »
Wow, I’ve run my sprinklers plenty this year
@ ~Z~ « Thu 7:46:53 am »
we’ve had to put a sprinkler on in the front just a couple times in august as it was getting pretty crunchy. you are right though, not much sprinkler time. Last year, i think i used it once or twice as well, pretty wet compared to normal it seems.
@ DaveO « Thu 7:41:44 am »
5.04 inches of rain since 6pm Tuesday. Haven’t watered the lawn all season long. That is not normal.
@ AARR « Thu 6:53:35 am »
@ jrgerber « Thu 6:25:01 am »
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@ Jeff L « Thu 12:00:38 am »
muu huu huu aah ahh ahh ahh ahh ah ahhhhhhh
@ Jetlink « Thu 12:00:02 am »
@ Jeff L « Thu 12:00:02 am »
#1 Alpha Male
@ Jeff L « Wed 11:59:50 pm »
Happy 80 TSB
@ Jetlink « Wed 11:47:26 pm »
Cancelled my evening bike ride
@ Jetlink « Wed 11:47:19 pm »
Rainy rainy here still
@ ~Z~ « Wed 9:33:54 pm »
i’m here. and if you post in the chat here, i do try to read prior chats to catch myself up.
@ ~Z~ « Wed 9:33:30 pm »
hi JT!
@ Jim_c « Wed 7:22:12 pm »
has started a new topic: GDLK
@ DaveO « Wed 4:38:17 pm »
I’m allergic to Ohio 8)
@ Chip « Wed 4:21:16 pm »
He really wants to tell us about that rail festival
@ SD80MAC « Wed 4:14:08 pm »
sandpatch1, what are you doing?
@ ~Z~ « Wed 3:51:16 pm »
...and deleted his post in the model railroad area. I think I’m going to add him to the noobcakes group that requires permission before the thread is shown. I’ve told him a couple times over the years to only make one thread, but he continues to post the same thread in multiple forums, every time there is a train show in Ohio. MI, OH, and Model trains.
@ sandpatch1 « Wed 1:46:05 pm »
@ ~Z~ « Wed 12:08:47 pm »
and he just made the same post in the Ohio forum... so I deleted one of the two threads about the rail festival in Chemical Fostoria.
@ sandpatch1 « Wed 12:04:43 pm »

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