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@ Trainman2223 « Fri 2:14:19 am »
#2 둘 Dul
@ Jeff L « Fri 12:00:01 am »
#1 Alpha Male
@ Jetlink « Thu 10:04:13 pm »
Live from Minneapolis, Minnesota....
@ Chip « Thu 7:59:10 pm »
I discovered something neat about the Bronco Warthog/Raptor that hasn’t leaked out into the public yet and I’m way more giddy about that than I should be.
@ Raildudes dad « Thu 6:27:14 pm »
I’m not an AM’er either. But I’ve had a 7am start time for 49+ years. Looking forward to retirement for that reason only. I’m planning on working part time and no earlier than 8 is a requirement LOL. My body clock syncs pretty good with the sun coming up.
@ David Collins « Thu 4:38:03 pm »
has started a new topic: Railfanning with film
@ Jeff L « Thu 3:45:30 pm »
..and not SWA462 :lol: :lol: :lol:
@ Jeff L « Thu 3:41:42 pm »
looks like SWA2525
@ Jetlink « Thu 3:15:54 pm »
Hopefully a reasonable quick turn around and then off to Minneapolis.
@ Jetlink « Thu 3:14:53 pm »
Waiting for our gate to open up.
@ Jetlink « Thu 3:14:44 pm »
Live from Dallas love….
@ Jetlink « Thu 3:14:33 pm »
Raildudes dad wrote: You do seem to be a night person based on your "quit" times LOL
very true. I am definitely a PM person. Not an AM er by any means. I ended up on an AM rotation this go though. Needed to trade for the weekend off and it was all yhat was available at the time.
@ ~Z~ « Thu 2:36:48 pm »
glad you had a good day David
@ AARR « Thu 2:19:15 pm »
Nice David
@ David Collins « Thu 1:55:53 pm »
after my visit that is, so like 3 PM or so tmrw
@ David Collins « Thu 1:55:26 pm »
keep an eye on the bangor cam, i maybe be there :wink:
@ David Collins « Thu 1:55:08 pm »
great day in school, Luci made a really cool drawing of me in her drawing class, we listened to bohemian rhapshody in Digital art, some golden moments at lunch and I’m going to tour ferris state tomrrow
@ ~Z~ « Thu 12:00:12 pm »
awake with thee
@ AARR « Thu 9:37:36 am »
There are days I’m getting up before Jet is going to bed
@ Raildudes dad « Thu 7:58:14 am »
You do seem to be a night person based on your "quit" times LOL
@ Jetlink « Thu 7:41:39 am »
Tomrrow will be worse. Oiy.
@ Jetlink « Thu 7:41:29 am »
Early start (for me). I hate starting early like this.
@ Jetlink « Thu 7:40:58 am »
Working 3 to Minneapolis today. Portland-Vegas-Dallas-Minneapolis.
@ Jetlink « Thu 7:39:51 am »
@ Jetlink « Thu 7:38:44 am »
ConrailDetr​oit wrote: I do not plan on riding Amtrak until mask mandates are gone. Will either drive or just fly and deal with it. Personal protective equipment should be optional
Exactly. I’m not riding until I can enjoy it.I don’tever enjoy myself with a mask on. Reminds me of work.
@ AARR « Thu 6:47:15 am »
@ LVrrfan « Thu 6:08:26 am »
@ Trainman2223 « Thu 3:15:53 am »
No more political. I apologise for the rant..it was disrespectful and uncalled-for.
@ Jeff L « Thu 12:00:01 am »
#1 Alpha Male
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has started a new topic: Cal-Chlor, Ludington
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has started a new topic: Not really what you’d call trains
@ ConrailDetr​oit « Wed 9:48:36 pm »
I do not plan on riding Amtrak until mask mandates are gone. Will either drive or just fly and deal with it. Personal protective equipment should be optional
@ Jetlink « Wed 9:27:44 pm »
Nom Nom Nom chicken parmigiana consumed.
@ Tom49801 « Wed 9:20:44 pm »
All non-management jobs at Amtrak are union positions (closed shop). If you were to move into a management position from your union job, you have the option to maintain paying your dues which freezes your roster number
@ Tom49801 « Wed 9:14:55 pm »
Amtrak is a closed shop, all employees except management are union employees. If you are a union employee
@ ~Z~ « Wed 8:53:42 pm »
but agreed, the political aspects really shouldn’t be discussed here.
@ ~Z~ « Wed 8:52:54 pm »
hey, did i miss a minor version of railroadfight? lolz...
@ DaveO « Wed 8:19:20 pm »
has started a new topic: CN CEO leaving. The sharks are circling
@ Chip « Wed 8:02:21 pm »
Actually wouldn’t most Amtrak workers be union?
@ Chip « Wed 8:01:05 pm »
ConrailDetr​oit wrote: Amtrak already has mandated vaccines for employees...
Not surprised, they’re run by the government. I think pretty much all government employees nationwide are mandated except for USPS because they’re union.
@ Raildudes dad « Wed 7:58:34 pm »
I agree with AARR, drop the political discussion. It won’t end well.
@ Jetlink « Wed 7:55:31 pm »
Hiked Mount Talbert. Not much of a mountain but still a very beautiful hike. Towering trees. Very neat.
@ ConrailDetr​oit « Wed 7:55:15 pm »
Amtrak already has mandated vaccines for employees...
@ SD80MAC « Wed 7:55:11 pm »
It’s sad that so many people are so 2 dimensional
@ SD80MAC « Wed 7:54:55 pm »
Which, could not be further from the truth
@ SD80MAC « Wed 7:54:34 pm »
That’s what happened to me at CSX, Chip. Because I wasn’t a democrat-worshiper, everyone thought I was a hardcore Trumper republican
@ Jetlink « Wed 7:54:25 pm »
Walky/hikey complete.
@ Chip « Wed 7:46:11 pm »
What company? If Ford mandates vaccines I’m going to be looking
@ Chip « Wed 7:45:37 pm »
I’ve been meaning to add a new post to it but they cranked up our production this week so I haven’t been getting out of work as early as I was
@ AARR « Wed 7:37:09 pm »
I’m learning a few things from that thread
@ AARR « Wed 7:36:36 pm »
Chip, no one has posted in your Music Musings in a while and I enjoy reading the posts there.
@ Chip « Wed 7:35:14 pm »
I’m registered as independent but identify myself as libertarian.
@ AARR « Wed 7:35:13 pm »
Trainman, my company is hiring and your preference is not an issue.
@ Chip « Wed 7:33:20 pm »
The funny thing is despite what some former friends think of me im not this super right wing conservative guy. If they knew me as well as in thought they did they would realize I’m actually quite liberal when it comes to social issues. Above all else the government is too darn big and needs to stay the heck out of our day to day lives
@ AARR « Wed 7:32:26 pm »
Unfortunately, COVID has become political which is why I stay away from it at this board.
@ AARR « Wed 7:31:27 pm »
I suggest not discussing politics here. I’ve been on this board for a long time and it never ends well.
@ Trainman2223 « Wed 7:31:16 pm »
@ Chip « Wed 7:30:44 pm »
It’s a waste of time to discuss anything political with a lot of people these days
@ AARR « Wed 7:30:13 pm »
Trainman just don’t respond to his comments anymore
@ Trainman2223 « Wed 7:29:31 pm »
if my head is up....then where will the broom go?

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