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@ Jetlink « Tue 10:14:07 am »
But it was raining north of i 96 which is where most of the ride would have been
@ Jetlink « Tue 10:13:43 am »
Never did rain here. Kinda wish I had went.
@ AARR « Tue 8:13:31 am »
It seems like in MI in the Spring if you bike long distances you need to be prepared for all four seasons in a single ride 🙂
@ AARR « Tue 8:09:25 am »
Smart man
@ Jetlink « Tue 7:32:26 am »
Not usually one to head out into known rain.
@ Jetlink « Tue 7:31:52 am »
Not thinking so now. Radar shows rain and TStorms currently along route. But not quite yet raining here.
@ Jetlink « Tue 7:31:17 am »
Jet was going to ride to Belding and return.
@ AARR « Tue 7:05:30 am »
Have a nice ride Jet
@ AARR « Tue 6:59:22 am »
@ Jeff L « Tue 12:00:01 am »
@ Jetlink « Mon 10:30:20 pm »
unless I get rained on. Then I definitely lose.
@ Jetlink « Mon 10:10:53 pm »
So either way I win :)
@ Jetlink « Mon 10:10:35 pm »
Planning a century ride tomorrow if I can’t get some overtime at worky.
@ Jetlink « Mon 10:09:15 pm »
From lake O to a half mile from home. Got a flat. Walked the rest of the way :(
@ Jetlink « Mon 10:08:49 pm »
7.60mi Hybrid Cycling 7.60 Distance(mi) 17.91 Avg Speed(mph) 25:28 Duration 403 Calories(kcal) 151.9 Elevation Gain(ft
@ Jetlink « Mon 10:07:58 pm »
Bikey complete
@ AARR « Mon 6:50:41 pm »
Jetlink wrote:*AARR
@ Jetlink « Mon 5:51:20 pm »
I hope to get out yet today. Need to drop off car in lake o for repair. Probably ride home. And take the long way.
@ Jetlink « Mon 5:50:57 pm »
Good ride *AARR
@ AARR « Mon 5:50:40 pm »
It was a character building home stretch :-)
@ AARR « Mon 5:49:55 pm »
55 miles, 3:50, 2785cal, 14.3mphavg
@ ~Z~ « Mon 5:03:36 pm »
AARR didn't do the tried and trued best method: ride against wind to start, have wind push you home.
@ AARR « Mon 3:49:14 pm »
Live from Richmond. No trens. 35 miles done and 20-21 to go. It’ll be a headwind all the way back. Hopefully rain holds off, it’s just been misting so far.
@ Jetlink « Mon 1:36:09 pm »
It takes a while but one of the major portions of the service in Woodland is the reading the roll call of the names of all of the deceased veterans from Woodland township. I think it is a great tribute.
@ Jetlink « Mon 1:34:39 pm »
Attended memorial day service in Woodland this morning. My daughter was hired to be the bugler playing taps at the Sunfield and Clarksville Cemetery today for their services. Some of the other band kids were doing the service at Woodland and Lake Odessa.
@ Jetlink « Mon 1:33:30 pm »
Lunchy lunchy
@ AARR « Mon 11:48:38 am »
@ Michael « Mon 11:19:06 am »
I think between AARR’s steroid use and his iffy stats, we are going to need to put an Asterixis by his name *AARR
@ ~Z~ « Mon 11:15:28 am »
good luck editting the old posts AARR, only the past 300 chat messages are kept in the database
@ AARR « Mon 10:45:09 am »
So I may have to go through the old Chat Board posts and revise my posts :-)
@ AARR « Mon 10:44:26 am »
That is what I thought too. But I really thought based on what I know about The MOT for example that my odometer was really accurate so I am surprised to see how off it is (even if it’s less that 5 percent)
Jetlink wrote: That is common. Odometers usually under or overmeasure. An accurate GPS is now considered the standard.
@ ~Z~ « Mon 10:13:28 am »
righto on the slower speeds on gravel. heck, my mtn bike tires I notice are faster on smooth pavement than more rough pavement.
@ ~Z~ « Mon 10:11:35 am »
no worries about mrs. jetlink. She seemed busy the couple times I saw her.
@ Jetlink « Mon 9:22:18 am »
At least that is what I hear in hiking, trail maintenance, and cycling circles. I haven't actually read a peer reviewed scholarly article stating such but I think it is generally accepted. I do know that the GPS equipment in my garmin and on my phone perfectly match the instruments we have onboard the airplane. In unofficial testing.
@ Jetlink « Mon 9:10:41 am »
That is common. Odometers usually under or overmeasure. An accurate GPS is now considered the standard.
@ AARR « Mon 8:53:12 am »
The APP and my odometer are not synchronized. My odometer is a few percent lower than the APP. So if the APP is accurate I’m actually going a little further than my odometer shows.
@ AARR « Mon 8:50:20 am »
Mrs AARR has the same APP that you guys have that tracks and isolates the various segments of a bike ride. It is interesting to see.
@ AARR « Mon 7:29:43 am »
Rainy rainy
@ AARR « Mon 7:29:36 am »
@ ConrailDetr​oit « Mon 6:15:07 am »
has started a new topic: Utica & Hudson, New York - 1.1 - 1.2.24
@ Jeff L « Mon 12:00:01 am »
@ Jetlink « Sun 11:19:25 pm »
about 5 of the 20 miles were on gravel. Easier to ride the gravel miles than more circutious routing to stay on pavement. No matter what 2.5 miles would have to have been on gravel minimum.
@ Jetlink « Sun 11:17:55 pm »
Was really hoping for a 20 mph avg. Had over 19 going but the miles on dirt just killed me. Seems to be about 2.5 mph slower on gravel roads despite the gravel friendly tires.
@ Jetlink « Sun 8:33:46 pm »
20.03 Distance(mi) 18.83 Avg Speed(mph) 1:03:48 Duration 1,127 Calories(kcal) 421.9 Elevation Gain(ft)
@ Jetlink « Sun 8:33:43 pm »
biked from my house to my brother in law and sister in law’s home before the storm blew through.
@ Jetlink « Sun 8:23:54 pm »
DaveO wrote: he needs to figure out how much to work next week 😁
You are not too far from the truth there DaveO
@ ~Z~ « Sun 7:38:42 pm »
tony Robbins tired, day at Crystal Lake. Nappy on couch time.
@ AARR « Sun 5:25:57 pm »
55 miles, 3:47, 2762 cal, 13.9mphavg
@ AARR « Sun 3:39:17 pm »
My father in law offered me $5000 to elope with Mrs AARR rather than a wedding party because he knew exactly how much it was going to cost him. I wanted to accept his offer but Mrs AARR said NO!
@ AARR « Sun 3:35:06 pm »
Live from Richmond. No trens. 33.3 miles done and I’m shooting for 55.
@ DaveO « Sun 2:16:03 pm »
he needs to figure out how much to work next week 😁
@ ~Z~ « Sun 2:01:29 pm »
that wasn't wise jetlink, adding up totals from a party isnt a good use of time :)
@ Jetlink « Sun 9:04:51 am »
AARR wrote: We gave our children the option of either a graduation party or the money. One wanted the party (he was already working full time and had more money than us) and the other took the money.
I sat down and totalled up the cost and I was a little bit surprised at how much we spent on throwing the party. It was a very fun day though.
@ AARR « Sun 7:33:03 am »
#1 A I AA
@ Jetlink « Sat 11:28:59 pm »
about 9 miles at 17.04 mph (riding from home to a friends house); about 13 miles at 14.4 mph (with a friend); about 10 miles at 16.2 mph (friends house back to home, a slightly different route)
@ Jetlink « Sat 11:16:51 pm »
Bikey complete. 3 phases. About 32 ish miles me thinks.
@ Jetlink « Sat 6:42:35 pm »
Thanks for coming out Z. It was great to visit with you and your family today. Mrs jet was disgusted at me that i failed to introduce you. Sorry.
@ AARR « Sat 6:25:30 pm »
Good biking there ~Z~
@ ~Z~ « Sat 5:48:46 pm »
18 miles in, 18 to go. good riding there AARR.

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