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@ Jetlink « Fri 10:50:47 pm »
The musketowa? or the macatawa. Not familiar with macatataw in that area at least.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 10:31:45 pm »
rode up the macatawa, west on Taft St north of Coopersville, follow west to Walnut Dr, then west of State Rd, south on 120th ave, and get on the trail at that point. rode it west into spring lake, then up 3rd St to Dogwood Dr, 180th-> Hickory St->Black Lake Rd->Pontaluna.
@ Jetlink « Fri 8:43:11 pm »
So where did you get on and off the north bank and how did you connect it to Hoffmaster.
@ Jetlink « Fri 8:41:32 pm »
Thanks Z, Hope to get another day or two of riding before my return to work next week.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 8:41:06 pm »
rode the north bank a couple times so far on the pj hoffmaster to GR rides
@ Jetlink « Fri 8:39:43 pm »
The other neat part was that my uncle (he is married to my dad’s sister) grew up in the area. So it was all his old stomping ground. Brought out lots of memories and stories.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 8:39:39 pm »
cool cool rides today guys. both of you traveling around for biking. Soccer game this evening, more tomorrow.
@ Jetlink « Fri 8:38:47 pm »
The best part is that it was all new to me trail
@ SW « Fri 8:37:55 pm »
Nice riding Jetlink!
@ Jetlink « Fri 8:34:56 pm »
Rode with my 71 year old Uncle. He canstill ride a fast pace but we were just cruising and sight seeing today. Twas a great ride and a great day.
@ Jetlink « Fri 8:34:01 pm »
Bikey complete. 34.5 miles on from Nunica to the spoonville trail to the explorers trail back to Nunica and then into Grand Haven and return on the North Bank trail. Avg MPH 12.8. Not sure the time.
@ Jetlink « Fri 8:32:13 pm »
SW wrote: Bikey complete! 23.0 miles, 1:28, 15.7 mph, 1300 calories, roundtrip Cadillac to Tustin on the White Pine Trail. Haven’t been able to maintain that pace in a few years.
My favorite section of the white pine. Very scenic.
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has started a new topic: NS 68E @ Silver Lake, IN (5/13/21)
@ AARR « Fri 6:51:17 pm »
For you that’s a very good pace SW
@ SW « Fri 5:53:09 pm »
Conditions were nearly perfect; little wind and trail was paved and in great shape.
@ SW « Fri 5:52:18 pm »
Bikey complete! 23.0 miles, 1:28, 15.7 mph, 1300 calories, roundtrip Cadillac to Tustin on the White Pine Trail. Haven’t been able to maintain that pace in a few years.
@ Chip « Fri 3:48:17 pm »
UP power on NS today
@ Rick A « Fri 8:49:34 am »
@ Jetlink « Fri 8:44:47 am »
Live from Meyers hometown bakery in beautiful downtown lake Odessa
@ ~Z~ « Fri 8:24:02 am »
can mount it vertically, horizontally, or diagonal.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 8:23:14 am »
jetlink - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00W7 ... UTF8&psc=1 - that’s the rear LED light I have. USB charged, two brightness settings. stays put really well on my seat post.
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@ Jetlink « Thu 10:49:40 pm »
Probably wouldn’t go for a bag. Would just want a small self contained lamp. I really want an LED flash kit facing rear for my seat post more than anything.
@ ~Z~ « Thu 10:30:40 pm »
I have a bag up near my handbars on the top tube that holds it and my phone though.
@ ~Z~ « Thu 10:30:20 pm »
i picked up this one. you would need a small bag to put the battery in though.
@ ~Z~ « Thu 10:29:08 pm »
that they are.. lots of turmoil going on at two of my main accounts. at least the 3rd site is pretty quiet with issues this week.
@ Jetlink « Thu 10:29:02 pm »
good. I decided to get a light but havent actually got one yet
@ ~Z~ « Thu 10:27:27 pm »
got a new bike light. stays in place a lot better than my old reglued and multiple time re-rubberbanded together one :)
@ Jetlink « Thu 10:26:58 pm »
Sounds like things are crazy at Z worky-land
@ Jetlink « Thu 10:25:24 pm »
16 miles is good
@ ~Z~ « Thu 10:24:52 pm »
trying to get ahead on my workload as next week will be rough. gonna get piled on with organizing a ton of software changes, while attempting to do my normal job too.
@ Jetlink « Thu 10:24:49 pm »
huh. weird on the link
@ ~Z~ « Thu 10:23:53 pm »
got 16 miles in tonight, 1:05. ended up working till 5, picked up nephew from daycare, dropped him off, took son to soccer, and worked in the car for 90 mins. done with work for the night now at least.
@ ~Z~ « Thu 10:20:26 pm »
still says no map data, but does show as 42 miles at least.
@ Jetlink « Thu 10:17:40 pm »
~Z~ wrote: your route link has no map data attached to it.
I set it to ppublic a few minutes after I copied it in here. Perhaps it works now. I’ll repost the link.
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has started a new topic: Train vs Pedestrian in Kalamazoo
@ 9xs « Thu 8:28:31 pm »
I guess railroadfan.com ads work
@ AARR « Thu 7:46:42 pm »
KCS accepts CN’s bid!
@ ~Z~ « Thu 4:44:13 pm »
your route link has no map data attached to it.
@ Chip « Thu 3:26:15 pm »
Too many people depending on the government
@ Jetlink « Thu 2:41:43 pm »
@ Jetlink « Thu 2:41:34 pm »
Heading to nuncio to check out the new to me trails there tomorrow.
@ Jetlink « Thu 2:41:02 pm »
The route includes the drive through at MooVille if you look carefully. 8)
@ Jetlink « Thu 2:40:24 pm »
@ ~Z~ « Thu 2:30:26 pm »
that’s quite the haul. I wanted to get out, work is slamming me today. Perhaps after my next call at 4, who knows.
@ Jetlink « Thu 2:16:19 pm »
Perfect weather today
@ Jetlink « Thu 2:12:28 pm »
42.36 DISTANCE ( MI ) 16.17 AVG SPEED ( MPH ) 2:37:11 DURATION 2,149 CALORIES ( KCAL ) 1,074.8
@ Jetlink « Thu 2:10:54 pm »
Bikey complete
@ Jetlink « Thu 10:00:25 am »
time for bikey.
@ AARR « Thu 9:48:42 am »
I’m in the commercial building cleaning service industry. We have positions paying between $15-$20 which is the highest I’ve ever seen in my 35 year career and we get either no responses or people just going through the motions so they can show they’re making an effort to find a job but they really want to stay on unemployment.
@ DaveO « Thu 9:21:53 am »
Years ago working retail, we had 10 applicants. 7 failed the drug test, the other 3 never came back. At the entry level, just finding people that can pass the drug test is an issue.
@ DaveO « Thu 9:19:45 am »
School bus driver, must have clean driving/criminal record, must pass physical, drug/alcohol testing, CDL testing, school bus course, work split shift and no summer pay, must put up with students and parents with boorish behavior. Hourly pay rate is good. The rest of the benefits for a position many don’t qualify for? Nowadays not so good.
@ ~Z~ « Thu 8:12:34 am »
"no one wants to work" - wonder what the pay is out in Lake O land. they are starting at $18.70 an hour here and still are having trouble getting people

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