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@ Jochs « Thu 12:19:41 am »
Limited use.
@ Jochs « Thu 12:19:27 am »
Hand and arm still swollen.
@ Jetlink « Thu 12:11:46 am »
Bikey complete. 13 miles on the Berry Junction trail with my brother and niece.
@ Jetlink « Thu 12:04:38 am »
My butt is pretty good. Cycling and all.
@ Jetlink « Thu 12:04:04 am »
AARR wrote: Hair plugs and butt implants 🙂
I could use some hair plugs. Sadly.
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AARR wrote: Hair plugs and butt implants 🙂
sounds like a fun Saturday night
@ AARR « Wed 4:57:55 pm »
Hair plugs and butt implants 🙂
@ Michael « Wed 4:43:56 pm »
*AARR, Are you getting face lifts and tummy tucks?
@ AARR « Wed 11:55:36 am »
Check out his website at AllureMedical.com
@ AARR « Wed 11:54:09 am »
That’s unfortunate because he is an ethical doctor who is one of the most generous people I have ever met
@ ~Z~ « Wed 11:52:54 am »
Okie, you had asked us to look him up, and the first 3 results weren’t exactly positive glowing reviews :) He should get google to fix his search results to paint him in a more positive light.
@ AARR « Wed 11:49:53 am »
They went after him because he was successfully using Vitamin C treatments on Covid patients which angered our politicians
@ AARR « Wed 11:47:29 am »
They dismissed the case because they had 0 evidence of any wrongdoing
@ ~Z~ « Wed 11:22:24 am »
Uh, is this the same Dr Charles Mok who was investigated from the FBI? https://imgur.com/a/iH5QQKt
Hopefully not.. health care fraud scheme. That's at least the first few results from google.
@ AARR « Wed 11:20:07 am »
What I do works for me but may not for others
@ AARR « Wed 11:18:15 am »
Dr. Mok, on the other hand uses measuring instruments to monitor his workouts and health. Look him up.
@ AARR « Wed 11:16:23 am »
I base it on several things: how much food and water I need to feel good and maintain a healthy weight (which for me at this time is in the mid 160’s)
@ Jetlink « Wed 11:13:04 am »
AARR wrote: But your results may be different because it seems you don’t beat on your body when you bike like it does on mine
i dont know. I felt pretty whooped yesterday. I feel basically back to normal today. My legs still feel a little fatigued. Still i will take a ride later this afternoon or evening.
@ Jetlink « Wed 11:12:07 am »
Great question Z. I was wondering the same thing.
@ ~Z~ « Wed 10:49:40 am »
are you able to tell your body burned more calories for a week based on you measuring the calories you ate, water intake, and your weight each day throughout the week, or is there some other method?
@ David Collins « Wed 10:31:49 am »
@ AARR « Wed 10:01:07 am »
But your results may be different because it seems you don’t beat on your body when you bike like it does on mine
@ AARR « Wed 9:59:20 am »
After my last century ride, even though it was my slowest ride ever, my body continued to burn calories at a higher rate than usual for close to a week before it resumed to normal
@ AARR « Wed 9:57:40 am »
My brother in law, Dr. Charles Mok, is a respected health guru. He told me about the elevated calorie burn after a workout and I can confirm from personal experience that occurs with me.
@ AARR « Wed 9:55:45 am »
It works for you and that’s what matters
Jetlink wrote:
AARR wrote: Interesting choices Jet. Enjoy your recovery time.
they were horrible choices. I put like zero thought or preparation into it. lol. But thanks for the kind words AARR
@ Jetlink « Wed 9:29:07 am »
You said that after your century ride your body would continue to burn calories at a higher rate for the next day. I’ve heard of afterburner it never really considered a statement like yours before. Can you expound? Do you have a reference or article ? Not doubting. Just want to learn.
@ Jetlink « Wed 9:27:49 am »
So speaking of recovery time I wanted to ask AARR about something related.
@ Jetlink « Wed 9:26:53 am »
AARR wrote: Interesting choices Jet. Enjoy your recovery time.
they were horrible choices. I put like zero thought or preparation into it. lol. But thanks for the kind words AARR
@ AARR « Wed 1:47:39 am »
Interesting choices Jet. Enjoy your recovery time.
@ AARR « Wed 1:45:12 am »
Glad you’re back home Jochs
@ AARR « Wed 1:44:18 am »
@ Jochs « Wed 1:06:23 am »
Been home from the hospital since around 6:45pm.
@ Jeff L « Wed 12:01:57 am »
@ Jetlink « Tue 11:25:17 pm »
I also drank 90 ounces of water in addition to the gatorade
@ Jetlink « Tue 11:24:26 pm »
When I got back to the lodge my sis in law had prepared tacos. So I had a few. THen I really pigged out on snacks while we played cards tonight. But I really didn’t plan my nutrition well today for the ride. I could tell. I felt it.
@ Jetlink « Tue 11:23:16 pm »
AARR wrote: How much did you eat and drink Jet?
So for breakfast just before I left I had two mini bagels and an elevation protein bar. I mixed up 48 ounces of gatorade per label instruction and took them. I had one Ice cream cone and 1 sausage mc muffin plus the 2 elevation bars I took with me and 3 chewy chocolate dipped granonal bars. I tried to get lunch at country dairy but I was sopping wet and the line was long and not moving. So I abandoned after 10 minutes of not moving. That was all I ate. I did carb load a little yesterday though.
@ David Collins « Tue 7:59:28 pm »
@ David Collins « Tue 7:29:10 pm »
AARR wrote: Sure, the last picture was guessed so go for it.
Done. Have at it.
@ AARR « Tue 7:04:16 pm »
Sure, the last picture was guessed so go for it.
@ David Collins « Tue 6:57:59 pm »
Can I go next in Where is it? By the time I post someone’s already posted
@ AARR « Tue 5:55:23 pm »
You burned 5000+ calories and you took in less than a 1000. You’re not human ;-)
@ Jetlink « Tue 5:54:02 pm »
I actually did not eat enough.
@ AARR « Tue 5:53:56 pm »
How much did you eat and drink Jet?
@ Jetlink « Tue 5:53:49 pm »
Two food stops. Several water bottle refills. And ate three protein bars and 3 more granola bars.
@ ~Z~ « Tue 5:49:05 pm »
hopefully you made a lot of food stops, and gas station Gatorade refills :)
@ Jetlink « Tue 5:44:10 pm »
Rode from the lodge 7 miles to the berry junction trail. Rode south into Muskegon then doubled back all the way through the berry junction trail to the Hart Montague trail rode all the way to hart and then rode back south approximately to Michigan’s Adventure then headed west to the lake shore and back to the lodge.
@ Jetlink « Tue 5:42:07 pm »
Bikey complete. 103 miles. Got caught in a really heavy downpour and thunderstorm just south of Hart. Really slowed me down. Avg for the 103 miles was only 15.4 mph :(
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JET. You should check out the movie HARD MILES. Based on the true story of a prison social worker assembling a cycling team of teenage convicts and takes them on a transformative 1,000-mile ride to the Grand Canyon.
@ AARR « Tue 8:50:47 am »
It takes me a month to build up to a 100 miles and Jet only needs 1 hour
@ AARR « Tue 8:48:47 am »
It’s impressive how easily Jet bikes long distance
~Z~ wrote: pretty warm day to go for a 100 miler, but enjoy yourself. i’m hopefully hitting a beach later.

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