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@ Jetlink « Sun 7:17:21 pm »
Trying to stay out of my highest gear ratio and keep the cadence up. I’m running 2 from the highest and really liking the results. I can't believe how quickly I've adopted that. I switched to my highest gear ratio for a couple of miles and it almost felt awkward.
@ Jetlink « Sun 7:16:27 pm »
Started out just cruising along but picked up the pace toward the end. Was hoping just to do a 16 mph average but ended up a little better.
@ Jetlink « Sun 7:15:36 pm »
Main phase: 24.28mi Hybrid Cycling 24.28 Distance(mi) 18.05 Avg Speed(mph) 1:20:44 Duration 1,299 Calories(kcal) 415.7 Elevation Gain(ft)
@ Jetlink « Sun 7:14:08 pm »
Bikey complete. 3 phases for a total of about 28 miles.
@ Jetlink « Sun 7:13:40 pm »
Gary that runs the bike shop I use says E bikes are super popular and really hot sellers right now.
@ Jetlink « Sun 7:13:16 pm »
and for the same reason.
@ Jetlink « Sun 7:13:10 pm »
That is great to hear. I think Mrs Jet is thinking of getting one too
@ AARR « Sun 6:41:56 pm »
Mrs AARR likes her E-Bike. She goes for longer rides more frequently and is joing me more often.
@ AARR « Sun 5:24:33 pm »
Walked 1 mile with a church group on their Walk for Life at 2.5-2.7 mph. Biked with Mrs. AARR for 6.5 miles. Biked on a path between Utica and Sterling Heights. Going with the windo down hill for 6ish miles at 19-20mph. I was all over the map today.
@ AARR « Sun 5:21:59 pm »
44.5 miles, biked from Romeo to Sterling Heights and meandered in-between. 3’22"39’", 2283cal, 13.1 mphavg.
@ ~Z~ « Sun 4:54:11 pm »
if you are headed towards 129th again, i'd suggest one more crossing south to 128th. Dead end road, quiet, no worries on passing cars :)
@ Andy24 « Sun 4:13:57 pm »
Anyways I’ll get GDLK this week if they fit my timeframe
@ Andy24 « Sun 4:13:15 pm »
After your post, the train passed 129th Ave at 3:39pm. Hoping they didn’t work at that facility north of where I was
@ Andy24 « Sun 4:12:31 pm »
I don’t gamble tho. I enjoy road trips. I was hoping to get Grand Elk while near the Casino
@ Andy24 « Sun 4:11:59 pm »
@ ~Z~ « Sun 3:51:39 pm »
andy - you saw them at 44th kinda, then again at the casino an hour later sorta? hopefully if you were chasing and not just making a donation to the tribe at Gun Lake, you saw them elsewhere inbetween for a full view :)
@ Andy24 « Sun 2:53:10 pm »
Hmm first time I’ve seen Grand Elk run on a Sunday from Gr to Kzoo
@ David Collins « Sun 2:51:55 pm »
The place where we’re staying is in sawyer, not that far from the GR subdivision…hmmm :)
@ David Collins « Sun 2:51:23 pm »
I did end up going home for the weekend, definitely needed it. Seeing the family again next weekend at my dads 60th birthday
@ bluewonderrails « Sun 2:29:21 pm »
Watched a young cousin play soccer yesterday morning. Some small 2nd-grade league. 6-0 W first week, 0-6 L yesterday. I for one have no love of the game, but the obviousness, is allowing myself family time, but still enjoying the kids play more than enjoying the game itself
@ Jetlink « Sun 1:38:50 pm »
I never really played sports or got much into it. It is really fun though now that my kids play. I always did music-band-choir. Not sports. My kids are all doing both and I think that’s great.
@ Jetlink « Sun 1:37:31 pm »
They don’t play quite as well as ruby’s team but they are coming into it nicely.
@ Jetlink « Sun 1:34:17 pm »
Asher’s soccer team bested Portland 7-4. Asher scored 1 goal in the second half. He was goal keeper first half and allowed only one on a penalty kick.
@ Jetlink « Sun 1:32:24 pm »
Snacks snacks
@ chapmaja « Sun 10:52:00 am »
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@ Jeff L « Sun 12:00:01 am »
@ Jetlink « Sat 11:24:30 pm »
I just don’t see myself at their level.
@ Jetlink « Sat 11:24:13 pm »
But I knew the pros were big propents of spinning fast.
@ Jetlink « Sat 11:23:47 pm »
I wouldn’t have thought that. He said it will be easier on my knees and muscles too.
@ Jetlink « Sat 11:22:58 pm »
Maybe I misunderstood the chart he was showing me then. Or I was gleaning the wrong data off from it. Regardless. He showed me that that my current averages on the bianchi with the gear ratio’s I use are a cadence of about 60. He said shift down 1 or 2 and pedal faster. I will gain. I did. He was right.
@ kd_1014 « Sat 9:52:06 pm »
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@ ~Z~ « Sat 8:28:23 pm »
i’ll have to time it when i’m on my next nice flat ride and use the stopwatch feature and double check mine.
@ ~Z~ « Sat 8:27:37 pm »
LSR will appreciate that. 120-130 sounds very high... the pros do 100-110 it seems. Google says lance armstrong rode at 110.
@ Jetlink « Sat 8:21:06 pm »
He suggested in the 120-130 range.
@ Jetlink « Sat 8:20:36 pm »
Sounds like my normal cadence is about 60.
@ ~Z~ « Sat 8:18:51 pm »
right, when we were riding on Thurs, I definitely noticed I’m at a higher cadence than you were. I try for just over 80rpm, so a little more than 1 cycle per second.
@ Jetlink « Sat 8:12:28 pm »
I tried it today. It seemed to work. But he was suggesting a much faster cadence than I could get to today. But still it seemed to help.
@ Jetlink « Sat 8:11:47 pm »
He suggested a lower gear ratio and a faster cadence.
@ Jetlink « Sat 8:11:11 pm »
I was looking for a higher gear ratio..
@ Jetlink « Sat 8:10:52 pm »
AARR wrote: Did they tell you to pedal faster :)
Jetlink wrote: I got some riding tips at the bike shop.
in a sense yes
@ AARR « Sat 7:22:57 pm »
Did they tell you to pedal faster :)
Jetlink wrote: I got some riding tips at the bike shop.
@ Jetlink « Sat 6:29:47 pm »
I got some riding tips at the bike shop. Tried to follow a few of them. Seemed helpful. I was getting 17-18 mph into a 10 gust 17 wind.
@ Jetlink « Sat 6:28:23 pm »
I had a 27 mph split.
@ Jetlink « Sat 6:28:11 pm »
Old Bianchi. New surly is getting some component swaps and different tires. Won’t have it for a week or two.
@ Jetlink « Sat 6:27:40 pm »
~Z~ wrote: average of 19mph? geezzz, crazy. that on the new Surly?
@ Chip « Sat 5:34:35 pm »
@ AARR « Sat 4:13:08 pm »
I want Jet tested 🙂
@ AARR « Sat 4:12:34 pm »
Didn’t keep track of miles or speed but I’m sure I was well below 19mph. Probably around 13-14.
@ AARR « Sat 4:11:31 pm »
32-33 miles on my alphabet trails.
@ ~Z~ « Sat 1:45:35 pm »
home, lunch, then nap has occurred :)
@ ~Z~ « Sat 1:45:09 pm »
kiddo cross country meet this morning, he did well, and right when it was done, off to kiddo #2 soccer game, then it finished and watched last half nephew soccer game.
@ ~Z~ « Sat 1:44:05 pm »
average of 19mph? geezzz, crazy. that on the new Surly?
@ Jetlink « Sat 1:09:01 pm »
Time for marching band in Rockford next
@ Jetlink « Sat 1:08:38 pm »
Quick ride to Sunfield and back.
@ Jetlink « Sat 1:08:15 pm »
@ ConrailDetr​oit « Sat 11:54:31 am »
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@ Chip « Sat 11:38:22 am »
Nice bike ride through Detroit this morning

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