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@ Jetlink « Thu 12:00:01 am »
~Z~ wrote: nice biking there Jetlink. Going south or east from Edmore?
Bikey complete. We ended up going east. Went to Alma (ate lunch at Mancino’s ) and returned to Edmore. 40 miles exactly. Had ice cream at sweet serendipity(formerly Dave’s dairy barn) in Edmore when we finished.
@ Jeff L « Thu 12:00:01 am »
#1 Alpha Male
@ Chip « Wed 7:35:13 pm »
Live from East Jordan. Caught the tail end of a LSRC train passing through Grayling.
@ AARR « Wed 5:51:24 pm »
I like it when the Train Location/Heads Up posts contain some information about the engines, cars, perhaps what work the train is and will be doing. Seems like I’m seeing a little more of that.
@ AARR « Wed 1:21:38 pm »
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@ DaveO « Wed 10:52:53 am »
Years ago a co-worker over did it at the company picnic. It was an ice cube bath for him. To add insult to (sunburn) injury, we needed his help via telephone on a problem.
@ GTW Dude « Wed 10:39:50 am »
Please send Aloe Vera
@ GTW Dude « Wed 10:39:39 am »
Day 3 of not putting on sunscreen and regretting it
@ ~Z~ « Wed 9:36:45 am »
nice biking there Jetlink. Going south or east from Edmore?
@ Jetlink « Wed 8:31:20 am »
Did a 18 mile bikey near Camp Living water Sunday and 18 miles last night with my daughter #2. Sunfield and return
@ Jetlink « Wed 8:30:10 am »
Going bikey today at the trail in edmore with the BIL and my daughters and my nephew
@ Jetlink « Wed 8:29:37 am »
@ AARR « Wed 6:34:42 am »
Happy B-Day Jochs
@ AARR « Wed 6:34:19 am »
@ Jochs « Wed 2:34:17 am »
Another 4 years and I can order off the 55+ menus at places like Denny’s and IHOP!
@ Talk « Wed 2:22:49 am »
@ Jeff L « Wed 12:00:01 am »
#1 Alpha Male
@ LansingRailFan « Tue 7:46:21 pm »
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@ SD80MAC « Tue 11:02:57 am »
Last time I shot there, the rear of the train was in the sun, Z. So at least this time I got the front lol
@ SD80MAC « Tue 10:39:02 am »
also, kind of glad, the gas in the generator was starting to get old. I put fuel stabilizer in it every winter, but still. Now I can fill it with fresh gas
@ SD80MAC « Tue 10:37:54 am »
worth it keeping the house cool and being able to sleep with my CPAP
@ DaveO « Tue 10:33:12 am »
At $5 gallon, that was expensive electricity.
@ ~Z~ « Tue 10:09:26 am »
consumers showing the neighborhood just east of you across the river is still without power.
@ ~Z~ « Tue 10:07:51 am »
hey, at least you finally got to use the generator.
@ SD80MAC « Tue 10:01:07 am »
Went outside at about 1 am in the thunder and lightning, wheeled the generator out and got it hooked up. Thankfully it wasn’t really raining by that point
@ SD80MAC « Tue 10:00:35 am »
Lost power for about 3 hours last night
@ AARR « Tue 9:17:48 am »
Lots of knee-high and higher corn around Armada and Richmond. Is knee-high corn by July 4th still the benchmark?
@ DaveO « Tue 9:13:06 am »
The first half of the night the doorbell cam caught the fireworks from the neighbors. The second half of the night Mother Nature provided the fireworks. I slept through almost all of it :)
@ ~Z~ « Tue 8:48:55 am »
I hear you DaveO - lots of lightning and a good rain last night as best as I can tell. Trying to keep our lawn a shade of greenish at least and not a light brown color. More humidity from the sky is needed
@ Talk « Tue 8:42:13 am »
@ Talk « Tue 8:42:05 am »
how exciting
@ AARR « Tue 8:33:02 am »
Hey guys, I moved the W.A.G. word Accociated Game! Type word similar to last word! to the Super Long Thread page in case you want to keep playing.
@ Talk « Tue 7:56:27 am »
#3 Charlie Male (ironic)
@ AARR « Tue 6:55:36 am »
@ DaveO « Tue 6:55:20 am »
.41 in the rain gauge here in SE Oakland County. Effect on crispy grass will be short term. Holiday is over Mother Nature, need more rain.
@ Jochs « Tue 2:01:26 am »
Lights blinked a couple of times.
@ Jochs « Tue 1:45:56 am »
Thunderstorm hitting Benton Harbor right now.
@ Jeff L « Tue 12:00:01 am »
#1 Alpha Male
@ Jetlink « Mon 11:16:11 pm »
I still stand by my statement. I liked it better. that is all.
@ GreatLakesRailfan « Mon 11:10:09 pm »
DaveO wrote: Keyboard warrior gets it. Have I traveled around Michigan recently? No. But I’m not 21 and over my life I have traveled quite a bit. Do you really think much is different now regarding railroads than it was back then? As long as your real picture has clues, I’m game.
Sorry DaveO, the keyboard warrior comment wasn’t directed at you. You’re better at this than a lot of people who actually have been to these spots are.
@ Chip « Mon 8:26:30 pm »
It’s about to get worse. I’m going to get the call into trades when the plant starts back up in 3 weeks
@ Chip « Mon 8:26:07 pm »
I’ve been slacking hardcore on my biking this year
@ AARR « Mon 7:48:15 pm »
@ AARR « Mon 7:07:00 pm »
I’m taking a new route.....biking to the tracks in Richmond.....but no trains ~Z~
@ ~Z~ « Mon 6:55:55 pm »
AARR biking his usual route, even on holidays. At least you are out there getting exercise. section from Holland to Ferrysburg was new biking miles for me
@ ~Z~ « Mon 6:53:20 pm »
Te Biked to PJ Hoffmaster today, 55 miles. Took about 4 hours. Even saw a train switching at the power plant. Lots of yummy food at the picnic, swimming, good conversations, Tony Robbins tired.
@ AARR « Mon 3:42:17 pm »
30 miles done and 20 to go
@ AARR « Mon 3:41:56 pm »
Munching on a PBJ on multi grain roll
@ AARR « Mon 3:40:42 pm »
Z, I’m in Richmond but no trains.
@ DaveO « Mon 12:51:57 pm »
Oh and railfanning, no matter how, serious business :)
@ Derektrainman03 « Mon 12:46:09 pm »
has started a new topic: The Boston and Southwestern Railroad
@ DaveO « Mon 12:45:12 pm »
Keyboard warrior gets it. Have I traveled around Michigan recently? No. But I’m not 21 and over my life I have traveled quite a bit. Do you really think much is different now regarding railroads than it was back then? As long as your real picture has clues, I’m game.
@ ConrailDetr​oit « Mon 12:15:33 pm »
Agreed. Where is it is cooler when non google street view pics are used. I think the current pic is on Lake State north of Grayling
@ DaveO « Mon 12:05:04 pm »
If you mean take a real picture with absolutely no reference clues you’re absolutely correct. Keyboard warriors won’t be able to correctly guess, but then nobody else can either. It’s what shows in the image, not where the image came from.
@ GreatLakesRailfan « Mon 10:55:29 am »
Jetlink wrote: I liked the where is it thread a lot more when people posted real pictures and not just google street view
Real pictures are harder for participants who are stuck behind a keyboard to guess. It’s certainly more entertaining when the keyboard warriors can’t play.
@ Saturnalia « Mon 10:54:45 am »
Oh my Randy, what did you do?!?!
@ AARR « Mon 9:09:20 am »
Poor flies 🙂
@ DaveO « Mon 9:06:38 am »
Think how the flies feel after they realize they just bit AARR, the king of the paper railroads. I can hear them going ptui now :lol:
@ AARR « Mon 8:34:59 am »
Except the biting flies, that is not such a good part of jogging this morning. If I do not get back in before sunrise I’m going to get bitten a few times.

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