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@ Jetlink « Sun 2:06:02 pm »
double double protien style and fries.
@ Jetlink « Sun 2:05:44 pm »
lunchy lunchy
@ Jetlink « Sun 1:21:24 pm »
Currently waiting for the nearby In N Out to open at 10:30 for lunchy lunchy.
@ Jetlink « Sun 1:20:30 pm »
One train was all 4 bay open hoppers. had 4 units leading, 4 mid train DPU’s and 2 DPU’s on the rear. All appeared to be online and working hard. The commodity was not above the tops of the hoppers so I couldn’t see what it was. I think the reporting marks were ROsomething something. Wish I had thought to pay better attention.
@ Jetlink « Sun 1:18:23 pm »
Saw 6 different trains. All of them had at least one set of DPU’s.
@ Jetlink « Sun 1:18:00 pm »
walky complete.7.13 miles. All along the UP railroad. Two lines meet near the Platform.
@ Jetlink « Sun 1:16:38 pm »
Wish they would do it. I’ll ride it again sometime. Just not sure when. Not high on my list. That section really isn’t that nice and enjoyable. Right along US 10 most of the way.
@ AARR « Sun 12:56:19 pm »
That’s interesting RD’sD
@ Raildudes dad « Sun 12:42:44 pm »
I have the specs at work for the Reeds City west aggregate. I was asked to go look at it. It is the DNR gradation but for natural stone. It’s not limestone and with out the binding material charateristic of limestone the material never truly sets up to a firm surface. I suggested adding 3 inches of crushed asphalt west to the first cross road. I don’t think they ever did it.
@ Jetlink « Sun 11:23:09 am »
Seen lots of UP choos this morning
@ Jetlink « Sun 11:22:53 am »
Live from the ontario Amtrak platform
@ ~Z~ « Sun 10:36:02 am »
awake with thee
@ Jetlink « Sun 9:29:51 am »
@ AARR « Sun 7:12:38 am »
@ Jetlink « Sun 12:57:46 am »
The pavement just east of Reed city is older and getting a little rough.
@ Jetlink « Sun 12:56:19 am »
SW wrote: From what I’ve seen, you can go all the way to Baldwin now, though west of Reed City it appears to be pea gravel. Haven’t ridden on that section yet.
True. I’ve ridden the Baldwin Reed city section a couple of times. It is very similar material to the Owosso-Ionia section of the CIS trail. Not great when it was newly laid. Might be better now that it has had a few years to smooth out and pack in.
@ Jetlink « Sun 12:52:37 am »
Working 3 to Sacramento tomorrow. ONT-DEN-SEA-SMF
@ Jetlink « Sun 12:52:07 am »
Worked 3 out today. MDW-PNS-DAL-ONT
@ Jetlink « Sun 12:51:40 am »
Live from Ontario, California.....
@ ~Z~ « Sun 12:47:15 am »
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@ Jeff L « Sun 12:00:01 am »
#1 Alpha Male
@ Chip « Sat 5:57:14 pm »
SW wrote: AARR, it is well-maintained, smooth, and long.
That’s what she said
@ AARR « Sat 4:03:46 pm »
According to Google a long john donut only has 350 calories. That doesn’t sound right???
@ AARR « Sat 4:01:18 pm »
Biking through Clare means a stop at Cops and Donuts for a 1000 calorie vanilla long john :)
@ AARR « Sat 4:00:01 pm »
33 miles, over 2 hours, MOT, CRT, RC, PCT, IBT. CRT and PCT are graded and much smoother again :)
@ C&O Dispatcher « Sat 2:45:31 pm »
Guess "bike trail" was not part of the conversation when this was taken in the mid 50’s. Machine in service until at least 1990.[https://www.dropbox.com/s/hiw8uq7y2l0fh ... 7.JPG?dl=0][/url]
@ ~Z~ « Sat 11:53:39 am »
does sound like a good trail to do someday. maybe a good bike packing adventure
@ AARR « Sat 11:49:48 am »
Thanks SW. Sounds interesting.
@ SW « Sat 11:13:52 am »
From what I’ve seen, you can go all the way to Baldwin now, though west of Reed City it appears to be pea gravel. Haven’t ridden on that section yet.
@ SW « Sat 11:12:07 am »
You can go from Midland to Clare to Reed City with just a couple of miles of street riding in Clare.
@ SW « Sat 11:07:22 am »
AARR, it is well-maintained, smooth, and long.
@ AARR « Sat 9:10:50 am »
SW, what is the PM trail like?
@ AARR « Sat 7:10:55 am »
@ Jetlink « Sat 12:39:10 am »
worky tomorrow so no bikey for next three days most likely. :(
@ Jetlink « Sat 12:37:20 am »
Celebrated my oldest daughters 15th Birthday today. Went to a hibachi grill (her choice; her favorite) on the east side of GR. Nice to see people out milling about and most eateries and drinkeries open somewhat normally.
@ Jetlink « Sat 12:34:12 am »
27.12 miles 1:54:38 avg mph 14.2 1317 kcals 516’ elevation gain. Had a couple of 16 mph splits but mostly just putzing around enjoying the beautiful night time sky.
@ Jetlink « Sat 12:32:12 am »
Bikey complete. Waited until dark for cooler temps.
@ Jetlink « Sat 12:30:36 am »
Great ride SW. Good section of trail too. One of these days I need to do the tridge to Clare. Those miles still ellude me.
SW wrote: Bikey complete, 28 miles, 1:59, 14 mph, PM trail, Lake Station to Evart and return.
@ Jetlink « Sat 12:29:25 am »
I was attempting to be smart-alec-Jet.
Buster Manning wrote: Hey Jet, did you know that 80 mac-n-cheese works for that outfit?? He probably was on the crew that day and "planned" that shot to happen :wink:
@ Jeff L « Sat 12:00:02 am »
#1 Alpha Male
@ ~Z~ « Fri 11:58:55 pm »
inside south bend, you can go to the joint NS/CN area to see your Lansing trains, but neighborhood isn’t great, especially with kids.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 11:58:10 pm »
or just go south from Benton harbor on us31 to south bend. stick to the area just west of us31 for NE and some south shore trains.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 11:57:04 pm »
I wouldn’t suggest Michigan city exactly, but go just a couple more miles down the road to Chesterton
@ LansingRailFan « Fri 11:50:42 pm »
Is there any good railfanning in Michigan city on a Saturday? Gotta be in Ludington at night but wanted to show my kid some trains that are out of the ordinary from the CN we usually see.
@ SW « Fri 11:03:54 pm »
Neat, Z! My ride was after a major storm moved thru, dropped the temp about 20 degrees.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 10:12:27 pm »
one of the neighbors put on an ice cream social this afternoon. tons of kids and families came to chat. a couple of the guys are firefighters. brought the fire truck and turned on the hose to spray for the kids to play in, pretty neat
@ ~Z~ « Fri 10:11:14 pm »
nice SW.. way too hot today.
@ SW « Fri 8:28:59 pm »
Bikey complete, 28 miles, 1:59, 14 mph, PM trail, Lake Station to Evart and return.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 5:22:13 pm »
has started a new topic: Animation - model layout on a wheel
@ ~Z~ « Fri 4:11:27 pm »
we do-nno :)
@ Buster Manning « Fri 12:54:34 pm »
I dunno....
@ ~Z~ « Fri 10:44:42 am »
me thinks so as well
@ SD80MAC « Fri 10:37:05 am »
I think Jet knows that, lol
@ Buster Manning « Fri 10:24:48 am »
Hey Jet, did you know that 80 mac-n-cheese works for that outfit?? He probably was on the crew that day and "planned" that shot to happen :wink:
@ Jetlink « Fri 10:13:23 am »
Lucky you caught that train right on the bridge how you did.
@ SD80MAC « Fri 10:00:55 am »
ImageHog Creek by Jonathon Leese, on Flickr
@ Jetlink « Fri 9:34:13 am »
I then fell back asleep while sitting on the couch reading around 7:00. Woke back up around 8:30. Weird (for me)
@ Jetlink « Fri 9:32:59 am »
~Z~ wrote: not much sleep for jetlink
Nope. Woke up at 4:42 and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I said to heck with it and started my day.
@ Jetlink « Fri 9:31:31 am »
Still a good ride. That’s a pretty decent trail as well. The Iron Horse trail is a little odd. Goes weirdly through some neighborhoods and then later just randomly ends about a mile east of the Junction between the B & O and the Porter Branch. Willow Creek I think it might be called. Currently drawing a blank.
~Z~ wrote: only rode from a trailhead in portage to Chesterton. biked around town for a bit, then down the path again. rode some of the iron horse trail, then back to car. saw one NS and one CSX at least.
@ Jetlink « Fri 9:27:22 am »
Still a good ride. That’s as good a trail as any. Iron horse trail is kind of odd. It just randomly ends about a mile from that junction between the B

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