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NKP 767 displayed in Lawton Park Fort Wayne, IN 1963549 viewsThis picture was given yo me by Skip Sassmannshausen over 30 years ago. Note the fence is not yet complete. 765 served as a stand in for the 767 while in the park. I do know for a fact she did steam into the park and her fires were dropped there!PennCentral 4321
547 viewsYpsi
More roadbed please546 viewsTo accomodate the new 'lead in' track and expanded track centers for the existing tracks more right of way is necessary, here we see construction crews preparing that new right of way on the south side of the tracks in North Baltimore on 5/2209MSchwiebert
6/20/09546 viewsMick
545 viewsGTW wreck in Rochester, MI, circa 1971Robert Bellairs
Shufflin' at Brown City543 views3867 heads west on the main at Brown City and will back down the loading
track to couple to another '38 so they can haul about 60 loads back west.

June 19, 2009
542 viewsNYC coal train wreck at Yates, between Utica and Rochester, Michigan - either late 1960's or early 1970's.Robert Bellairs
D&M 281541 viewsD&M 281 awaits a crew change at the depot while a grain train passes.SD80MAC
535 views~Z~
Workhorse534 viewsOn the Indiana & Ohio at Urbana, Ohio CEFX lessor 3092 pulls out of
a runaround track after letting its' train roll down the connector past
it to get on the other end.

November 9, 2008
533 views~Z~
NS 5510533 viewsNS 5510 on Z739 comes across Fulton Ave...stopping traffic for quite a while moving back and forth...nice pollution cloud overhead... the second NS unit has empties behind it, and they are getting ready to shove back. 05/06/06~Z~
GTW GP38-2s #4926 and #5856530 viewsGrand Trunk painted locomotives are slowly being repainted into the black and red Canadian "noodle" painted scheme from parent CN. Here, a pair of the old bluebird painted GP38-2s catch the sunlight while they pass at Schaefer Junction in Dearborn. No. 5856 is actually the only remaining GTW locomotive painted in the blue Operation Lifesaver paint scheme. No. 4926 is bringing a cut of loaded autoracks from the Ford Dearborn Trunk plant down toward Flat Rock Yard on the old DT&I. May 7, 2011.GP30M4216
CSX Chessie System Heritage unit530 viewsYpsi
529 viewsNYC coal train wreck at Yates, between Utica and Rochester, Michigan - either late 1960's or early 1970's.Robert Bellairs
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