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Papers at the Depot423 viewsI would say this needs no comment, but i want to anyway. I really thought this guy was going to make a grab at these papers that the conductor tossed out. The speed of the train pushing on the wind was strong enough to move his shirt and jacket. 10/03/04~Z~
BNSF 9433423 viewsBNSF #9433 leads a pair of possums with a large load of 2 coal hoppers for West Olive under the I-196 overpass. Probably dropping these off to the repair shop there. It might be heading there to pick up a long string of empties as well. 08/05/04 ~Z~
422 views~Z~
422 viewscdx ac44cw #163 canton oh 1-2-08traingirl21
Bracket Signal on the CSX422 viewsThis is the last remaining active bracket signal on the CSX in Michigan, located at the south end of the Grand Blanc passing siding on the CSX Saginaw Subdivision. The Saginaw Subdivision is home to a number of cantilever and mast signals in the Flint region, but this is the only bracket signal of this type. Lansing also had a few bracket types with semaphores back in the day, and a few of the old frames remain near Ensel Yard, but today out of service. April 30, 2008.GP30M4216
MILW GP38-2422 viewsYpsi
NS 7531422 viewsTrussell waiving at an eastbound NS train at Chesterton. 11/12/16~Z~
421 viewsManistee Yard of the MQT.Railwidow
GLC 397421 viewsChris Wolf
Y@ - 2007421 views~Z~
BNSF 6018 and BNSF 6019420 viewsChattin on the phone with Matt to get some heads ups, and this pair pulls out of the engine house. Only a few weeks old at this point, BNSF 6018 and BNSF 6019 roll onto the service track to put a couple hoppers on, head west as D801, and go to West Olive. Someone should rip that metal stake out of the ground..took more photos, but that post is in the way. 08/05/06~Z~
AMtrak Coke P40419 viewsYpsi
ME417 viewstaken a little before we left for chi for the day - tsinoms - trevor
Railroadfan Fest 2006417 viewsAbout all the people we could gather at any one time, with all those trains and photo locations around town. The gathering was "Erie-Sistible." 10/01/06~Z~
BNSF 5969417 viewsClose up view under the rear of BNSF 5969, showing where the joint broke apart, allowing the rail to roll apart. Seems that most of the damage was on the spur, and not on the mainline heading north towards West Olive. 11/24/06~Z~
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