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CP Exec 04 Hampshire.jpg
Royal Canadian Pacific "Hampshire"480 viewsCar four of ten on this CPR Executive Special is the heavyweight sleeper "Hampshire." It is shown as one of ten Royal Canadian Pacific passenger cars bring CPR executives from Chicago to Toronto. They are on the old NYC Water Level Route, passing through Dunlap, IN. Even captured at 1/750th of a second, they are still a bit blurry, indicating the speed which they are going! Hampshire features four twin rooms and two single rooms. November 22nd, 2006.GP30M4216
479 viewsConductor of this GT engine took photos of each group of railfans at the depot on this day.. not sure if he's a fan himself, or just enjoying our hobby we have. 09/10/05~Z~
CP 5753479 viewsTwo cars scurried across before CP #5753 headed east past Jenison. Why is the C & P torn off on this side, with the N & C ripped on the other side? 04/30/04~Z~
CSX 270479 viewsCSX #270 and CSX #618 lead N912 westbound over the Grand River with loaded coal cars for West Olive. Taken 07/15/04 by Austin Segur~Z~
CSX Greenery478 viewsCSX picked up some bushes on the way through the Heights.. that or i bailed out of the car, and well, didn't see the bush when i set up to take my picture :) 06/11/05~Z~
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CPOX 820475 viewsAlmost to Zeeland, BNSF 9537 and BNSF 8848, running as W985, pull CPOX 820 with a transformer load from West Olive. 09/20/06~Z~
My girlfriend and I475 viewsheres a pic of my girlfriend and Iconrailfan
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CSX 9119474 viewsCSX drone #9119 ties with CSX #1177 to do some kicking of cars around the Wyoming yard. I'm quite surprised the drone wasn't frozen here. Taken 02/13/04~Z~
CSX Seaboadr Heritage unit474 viewsYpsi
Q327 passing Port Sheldon.473 viewsQ327 west nearing Port Sheldon, west of Jenison, MI. BNSF 976 and HLCX 6090. 04/10/06~Z~
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