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Last additions - Great Lakes Central.
Northbound Great Lakes Central 398-393 with the FRA inspection cars, just south of Elmira Michigan.KCJun 18, 2021
Beacon in TC - 24 May 2021396-395 depart Traverse City with 3 loads of scrap metal from Beacon Recycling, passing mp 24.KCMay 25, 2021
Beacon in TC - 24 May 2021Entering the Boardman Yard on return to Cadillac.KCMay 24, 2021
Beacon in TC - 24 May 2021Spotting 4 empty cars at Beacon.
KCMay 24, 2021
Beacon in TC - 24 May 2021Pulling the 3 loads this morning at Beacon in TC.
KCMay 24, 2021
Beacon in TC - 24 May 2021395-396 arriving at Beacon Metal and Iron in Traverse City with 4 empty cars for loading.KCMay 24, 2021
Elmira MichiganWolverine Power sign on M-32 at Elmira.KCMay 03, 2021
Maverick Corporation truck at Wolverine Power site.KCMay 03, 2021
Elmira MichiganGLC siding on south side of Elmira at MP 400.
Survey stakes leading to Wolverine Power propety.
KCMay 03, 2021
October 16 2020KNOX KERSHAW at Cadillac Michigan.KCNov 01, 2020
Oct 16 2020KNOX KERSHAW BR 940-340 ballast regulator-snow fighter delivered to Cadillac. KCNov 01, 2020
Ballast Train 24 Sept 2019Here's a shot of the two load they went to get, being delivered the day before, 23 Sept 2019 at Holiday Rd.KCSep 29, 2019
Ballast Train 24 Sept 2019Dropping the ballast cars along with two empty centerbeams left overnight at the depot, 396/399 begin their run to Bates to retrieve the two more empty cars at Amerhart Wholesale Distribution.
Note the earth work being done along tracks to improve drainage.
KCSep 29, 2019
Ballast Train 24 Sept 2019After spreading the 15 cars, 399/396 run to Traverse City, with orders to pick up two empty lumber cars dropped off at Bates yesterday.
Seen here along Keystone Rd heading into Traverse City.
KCSep 29, 2019
Ballast Train 24 Sept 2019Further along the line towards Traverse City, 399/396 continue with their work train.KCSep 29, 2019
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