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ETR 107 SnapETR 107 is snap switching some hi cubes at Kildare Road.trainjunkie4712/28/12 at 23:35LSRC: http://www.essexterminalrailway.com
Flag DrouillardThe ETR morning switch job needs to flag traffic at the Drouillard Road crossing. 05/15/08trainjunkie4712/28/12 at 23:34LSRC: Because the FRA says you can't blindly shove ...
ETR 108 OjibwayEssex Terminal 108 is about to pull across the Ojibway Parkway near the east end of the E.C. Row Expressway in Windsor. 10/09/07trainjunkie4712/28/12 at 23:33LSRC: Chop-nosed GP9.
Slow ClearWhile waiting for my conductor in Mt. Morris, Michigan, RN Dispatcher gives the Z144 a "slow clear" indication to proceed north.gtw581204/21/12 at 10:10LSRC: ^In addition to what C30-7A said, I think there�...
~Z~03/04/12 at 16:31LSRC: I spy a Hancock Air Whistle?
MLO10710/26/11 at 23:54LSRC: In addition to what Steven said, it should be note...
GP7u #2216With its former Santa Fe number restored, Indiana Northeastern chop nose GP7u #1500 catches the sun's rays for the first time after repaint at the Hillsdale Yard. September 26, 2011.GP30M421609/27/11 at 21:14LSRC: Sharp looking engine!
January 13, 2004 (6)westbound on Porter branch.jpg
~Z~05/04/11 at 22:24LSRC: Look at those signals though. I take it they'...
Twining, MI Depot Site 5-18-10Only a siding remains alongside the LSRC (exD&M) depot site in Twining, MI
Photo looks NE across M-65
Larry G03/06/11 at 18:07LSRC: I believe that the depot is now the garage for the...
LSRC 4301LSRC 4301 February 2011KC02/09/11 at 21:30LSRC: Where was this taken? Grayling?
KCS SD70ACe #4105 @ Livernois in Detroitnssd70m-201/29/11 at 21:15LSRC: So was this shot off the dirt trail off of Central...
KCS SD70ACe #4105 @ Livernois in Detroitnssd70m-201/27/11 at 23:33LSRC: Great shot. If you don't mind me asking thoug...
CSXT 4813Reroute pulling to a stop for a crew change at Fox in GR. R36928 - 05/28/09~Z~10/27/10 at 23:19LSRC: touch up the middle letter a bit with some el chea...
Scrap Yard from hell #1where is it?GLC 39208/20/10 at 21:15LSRC: Youngstown, OH?
502 Works DurandCan this make RP?bnsfben07/30/10 at 23:16LSRC: Did you crop this at all? If you have a shot where...
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