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Opera House in FowlerSW07/15/20 at 08:38~Z~: Interesting SW - also posting this to test the gal...
SD40-3CSX Pinkerton Tunnel11/27/19 at 21:58~Z~: testing
Where is it?Michael11/26/19 at 22:58~Z~: test
E446-09Southbound E446-09.Racer11/07/10 at 10:57railroadfan: i swear I see what looks like a female off to the ...
Wrong photo.Daughters freshman volleyball game. M.D.Bentley10/30/10 at 12:15railroadfan: do you want your wrong photo deleted?
D802 East Satugatuck October 23, 2010D802 is actually pushing D801 up the hill. That's the great thing about pushers, it looks like the train is going in both directions.......SteveHiuzenga10/23/10 at 17:32railroadfan: Except the ditch lights aren't on... sometimes...
JonsCnw8835 and Conrail Jon on 3001 at the Elkhart museum. 10/02/10~Z~10/18/10 at 20:52railroadfan: I think I said I'd have it edited in a year..y...
GTW 6401Mr Davey takes a cut around the High wye in Durand. 05/09/09~Z~10/13/10 at 14:42railroadfan: Ah, yes, High wye... that's the name. Is the ...
Where Is It - 1989This is in Ohio ? Perhaps between Sandusky and Toledo ?? The year is 1989. Detroit Edison has two units on the head end and this power is mid trainflafiretwo09/01/10 at 20:29railroadfan: been a few years.. any ideas where this was taken?
Q32624Q326-24 at Elmdale on a slow Saturday. 7-24-10shtx28407/26/10 at 19:50railroadfan: Do you mean Elmdale?
CP freight northbound through Britton Michigan at 50-60mph.
Ain't a half bad picture for my camera phone.
Clay32005/04/10 at 19:39railroadfan: That loco looks like Inspector Gadget's car wh...
490 at Milwaukee Jct4.3.10ConrailDetr?oit04/05/10 at 20:47railroadfan: I see something kinda light colored, like a headli...
Gregg chases cam who has greggs donut.GLC 39211/17/09 at 16:04railroadfan: Honestly somewhere in between..looking quite thin ...
Chessie 904015Cloudy day, but oh well. Y121 returns from a trip to East Soggybutt going past the Holland Depot. 05/15/08~Z~11/02/09 at 20:53railroadfan: ahh..looked like a 7 to me, but i'll modify th...
the TSBY northbound at King st. about 2 miles behind the other train.GLC 39210/20/09 at 16:26railroadfan: Rode on a GLC fall colors tour, 1 engine on front,...
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