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JangaJangaJonga skipping in Durand. 05/09/09~Z~03/08/12 at 10:32bnsfben: With Jeff L trying to look at the E. Durand signal...
CR-SBD-UP Rouge July 1992 Small.jpg
Conrail 6095, Seaboard 3283, and Union Pacific 3523A line up of power from days gone by sits at the old engine house at Rougemere Yard in Dearborn, MI. Next to this old sand tower and fuel rack from C&O days, we find Conrail C30-7 #6095, Seaboard system (CSX) U23B #3283, and Union Pacific SD40-2 #3523. Nearly all of this scene is history today: Yes, Rougemere is still a busy CSX yard, but both the GEs are no doubt retired and the UP unit is on borrowed time. The sanding tower and engine house are also gone. July 1992. NN collectionGP30M421603/06/12 at 13:10SD80MAC: I think it's 6595, which is a C30-7A.
~Z~03/04/12 at 21:00SD80MAC: You certainly do!
~Z~03/04/12 at 16:31LSRC: I spy a Hancock Air Whistle?
~Z~03/04/12 at 00:32GP30M4216: Switching near the Sturgis depot.
~Z~03/04/12 at 00:32GP30M4216: Michigan Southern Alcos 66 and 7804 team up to swi...
~Z~03/04/12 at 00:31GP30M4216: Michigan Southern S2 near the Sturgis diamond.
~Z~03/04/12 at 00:30GP30M4216: Michigan Southern PREX Alco T6 101 at Sturgis.
~Z~03/04/12 at 00:30GP30M4216: MSO 66 at Sturgis, Michigan Southern.
BJRY 702.jpg
BJRY 702Alco C415. Burlington Junction Railway 702.03/03/12 at 15:48SD80MAC: Awesome locomotive, awesome railroad, very unfortu...
CSXT 7357Couple of lite engines retrieved CP X500 from Saugatuck and are seen bringing them east through Zeeland. 04/22/09~Z~02/14/12 at 17:50GP30M4216: Amazing how naked it looks without the class light...
NSGLCNo idea what Nevets is doing to that banned nsglc dude. 05/09/09~Z~01/09/12 at 16:09GLC 392: I had justed pooped myself
CN 5948, IC 1012, IC 1008, GTW 4618, GTW 4902, GTW 4626CN 615 with CN 5948(GTW on side), IC 1012, IC 1008, GTW 4618, GTW 4902, and GTW 4626 with 76 cars head down the Holly. Taken 08/28/04 ~Z~12/21/11 at 20:58bnsfben: Wow looking back at all these pictures its just am...
~Z~12/13/11 at 23:51GP30M4216: The 3222 is actually more similar to the MQT'...
~Z~12/13/11 at 22:31MQT3001: thanks!
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