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January 13, 2004 (6)westbound on Porter branch.jpg
~Z~05/04/11 at 22:24LSRC: Look at those signals though. I take it they'...
January 13, 2004 (6)westbound on Porter branch.jpg
~Z~05/04/11 at 10:43Y@: A tad overexposed, perhaps?
CSXT 2639Here's D700 eastbound near MP 10 around Port Sheldon - 04/17/09 ~Z~04/23/11 at 17:17GP30M4216: Awesome!!
CaboosesPere Marquette A909 and Ann Arbor 2839 at the end of our train. 12/10/05~Z~04/21/11 at 11:23DR: PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've always e...
Picture 023.jpg
guessguess where this is.04/17/11 at 13:37nssd70m-2: Romulus, Tobine crossing
Papers at the DepotI would say this needs no comment, but i want to anyway. I really thought this guy was going to make a grab at these papers that the conductor tossed out. The speed of the train pushing on the wind was strong enough to move his shirt and jacket. 10/03/04~Z~03/31/11 at 09:56CSX_CO: Between the cowboy boots and spoting **double** ra...
CP 8552Wires, wires, and more wires. CP 8552 heads westbound on X503, heading toward the Zeeland power plant...Do you think that's the reason for so many wires in the area?~Z~03/21/11 at 20:41Conrail Jon: I got a shot of Q335 coming through the fog here o...
CSXT 8519Spotted a Conrail Jon in the weeds while this Q32713 is spotted through some trees. 07/13/09~Z~03/13/11 at 21:35Conrail Jon: Conrail Jon can often be seen stalking EMD SD50�...
CSXT 299I remember having Conrail Jon standing out here in the cemetery with me getting Q32722 going west..think he got in a later frame of this shot when he stood up. 06/22/09~Z~02/20/11 at 18:45Conrail Jon: I remember this
CSXT 2659Heard D70009 was going by Grand Junction as I was just south of Holland. Took the side roads just south of the Kalamazoo River near Fennville and got this of them eastbound(north) at 56th St. 02/10/11~Z~02/11/11 at 22:43J T: 131st St. crossing, not 56th.
Manistee Swing BridgeManistee's swing bridge, looking south. 1/23/09~Z~02/10/11 at 02:21DR: Hey! I know that bridge! I was on it on a GP9 long...
CSXT 2520After arguing with Enterprise this morning, went down 29th St in GR, gates go down at Breton... get into a nearby parking lot fast, get out, turn on camera, "No CF card"..... argh! There went Y320, CSXT 4411(conrail paint) going westbound, approx 15 cars. A number of empty flats from alto included. Approx 7:45am

Stopped at home, grabbed my CF card, and headed towards Holland...took Chicago drive as I had extra time..caught D70024 nearing Vriesland, CSXT 2520 leading, believe 49 cars...11 cars at the end of sand. Approx 8:40am 9/25/08
~Z~02/08/11 at 15:42GP30M4216: Love the code line here.....definitely makes the s...
BNSF 5885Sat eating some TB in the Roost block waiting, continued north chatting with Tlout when they passed me southbound. Made it back to the west leg of the wye to grab them. E95011 on 12/14/10~Z~01/11/11 at 11:54J T: Nice! And you still managed to get a little fall ...
GLLX 3003Took off to 112th St and waited about 10 mins for them to make it up the hill at Newaygo, that shot turned out rather poopy though. Headed south to a spot between Moore Rd and Bailey Rd just north of Bailey for this. 05/09/10~Z~11/17/10 at 16:45amtrak1007: its an OK shot. It would be better with the 01 le...
~Z~11/15/10 at 20:48nssd70m-2:
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