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CSX 2631CSX #2631 peaks its' head out as it backs into the spur in Grandville. 05/27/04 ~Z~
Sooline 6006 & CP 5808First picture of a train with my new Canon Digital Rebel. Sooline #6006 and CP #5808 head east over the flooded creek in Jenison. 05/26/04 ~Z~
Bad fatherWell, while watching a CP train head east past Jenison, this man finds it to be a good idea to teach his kids the joy of standing next to a moving freight train. At least one kid had enough sense to back off. 05/26/04 ~Z~
CSX 408CSX #408 heads east in Jenison over a normal water leveled creek with empties from the West Olive power plant. 05/07/04 ~Z~
CP 8574CP #8574 leads alone with a string of loaded autoracks over a partically flooded creek in Jenison. 05/19/04 ~Z~
CP 9733CP #9733 heads east with loaded autoracks past Sunrise Park in Hudsonville. 04/30/04 ~Z~
CP 9550CP #9550 leads some mixed freight westwards in Grandville near a shopping plaza. 04/29/04 ~Z~
CP 9579CP #9579 single-handedly leads this eastbound freight over a creek in Jenison. 04/29/04 ~Z~
Sooline 6026 & Sooline 6015Soo #6026 and Soo #6015 heads westbound past Baldwin St. in Jenison. 04/23/04 ~Z~
CP 5987 & CP 6046CP #5987 and CP #6046 head eastbound just before the crossing for Baldwin St. in Jenison. 04/23/04 ~Z~
CP 6016CP #6016 heads slowly past the signals at Ivanrest in this cropped view of a westbound. 04/02/04 ~Z~
CP 5819CP #5819 with a Sooline engine head west past the signals at Ivanrest. 03/25/04 ~Z~
BNSF 9486BNSF 9486 heads west past Grandville. Photo used with permission from WMRP. ~Z~
BNSF 9253BNSF 9253 plows through Grandville, MI in an unique lash-up for West Olive bound coal trains. Photo used with permission from WMRP. ~Z~
CP 5687CP 5687 unit pulls hard as it continues to pass the CSX freight at Hudsonville. Photo taken by Matt, Muskegon Railfan. ~Z~
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