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BNSF 901BNSF 901 leading Q327 through Grandville past the whistle posts for Broadway Ave. Jan 2005~Z~
BNSF 901BNSF 901 leading Q327 through Grandville past the whistle posts for Broadway Ave. Jan 2005 ~Z~
CSX 8369CSX Q326 with CSX 8369 heads through the fog on a mild winter day in Jenison. Jan 2005~Z~
CSX 167 & CSX 154CSX 167 & CSX 154 head west through Grandville after having to wait for an eastbound CP train, lead by two Soo engines. This train is bringing a single empty coal hopper to go to West Olive possibly for repairs, then to pick up the rest of the empties at West Olive. 2004~Z~
Sooline 6031A matched set of Soolines head east through Grandville. 6031 does the honors of leading this intermodal today. 10/30/04~Z~
BNSF 9496 & BNSF 9677BNSF 9496 & 9677 lead an eastbound lite engine movement past a minigolf course in Grandville. These engines dropped off a string of loaded coal hoppers at West Olive. ~Z~
CP 8552CP 8552 pulls X503 around the corner along Chicago Dr, heading under 28th St. A little bit of fall color could still be seen. Followed this train out past Zeeland. Fall 2004~Z~
CSX 404 & CSX 434CSXT 404 & CSXT 434 head west past the west end of Hudsonville. These lite engines, known as D802 today, were on their way to West Olive to pick up some mtys. 09/04/04 ~Z~
Grand River BridgeAn old bridge over the Grand River was informed to me by a non-railfan at work that enjoyed using it as a bike trail. This line used to connect to the west side of Wyoming Yard near Lamar. Sept 2004 ~Z~
Sooline 6045 & Sooline 6003Sooline 6045 and 6003 on CP X511 head west over a creek in Jenison. 09/04/04 ~Z~
CP 9500CP 9500 leads X503 westbound under I-196 in a setting sun. Some falls colors were still visible at this time. Fall 2004~Z~
CSX GRMS1CSX GRMS1, on a special CSX W004, head west past Jenison. Tried a bit of a different shot because of a bunch of guys collecting cans and garbage out of the creek. 09/09/04 ~Z~
Sooline 6048 & Sooline 6024Sooline 6048 and 6024 on CP X503 head west under I-196 in Jenison. 08/30/04 ~Z~
CP 8652CP #8652 leads X503 westbound past Baldwin Rd in Jenison. My brother was just leaving, I looked outside and saw the sunset. Heard X503 approaching Ivanrest.. headed out quickly to catch the clouds. 08/25/04 ~Z~
BNSF 9433BNSF #9433 leads a pair of possums with a large load of 2 coal hoppers for West Olive under the I-196 overpass. Probably dropping these off to the repair shop there. It might be heading there to pick up a long string of empties as well. 08/05/04 ~Z~
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