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CP 9564CP 9564 on CP X500 heads east nearing Broadway Ave in Grandville. I heard them clearin Hudsonville as I was just grabbing my Wendys..met up with JT, eating as waitin :) Started to rain just after this pic. 03/31/07~Z~
CSXT 2Lowest CSX engine that I've seen as of yet.... This is CSX K352 with CSXT 2 in the lead, heading west nearing Port Sheldon. 03/12/07~Z~
CSXT 129CSXT 129 leads N914 through Grandville at Ottawa Ave. I thought they'd be on the close track leaving the yard so they'd bust through the small snowbanks, but no such luck. 03/03/07~Z~
CSXT 8209CSXT 8209 comes onto the single track in Grandville, seen kickin up snow at Broadway Ave. 03/03/07~Z~
CSXT 8209CSXT 8209 powers through the snow out along Chicago Drive nearing Port Sheldon. Sun was briefly out today, and happened to grab this one out in it. 03/03/07~Z~
CSXT 787CSX Q326 with CSXT 787 up front, a grey leased 3000 series behind, and CSXT 2623 in third at 8:45am. At least I got time for a photo of them, even with them saying "East, clear a pair at Hudsonville"...... 10/26/06~Z~
CSXT 5261On the drive in, scanner picked up a weak signal while I was going through Grandville. As I got just past Jenison, there was a much stronger signal on the main CSX road channel, could hear engine hum, but voice was inaudible. As I got near Port Sheldon, out in the distance, here rolls Q326 my way. Jumped out through the dew covered tall grass, work clothes wet, and got some photos in some sweet light. CSXT 5261 on the headend. Of course, when they got near the tower, they became more audible towards the East Tower operator. 10/06/06~Z~
CSX K91026I hear K91026(four days old, kinda odd) clear a pair at Hudsonville. I keep heading along, and pull off the road just past Port Sheldon. Hop out, and get a shot of them going past the whistle post for Port Sheldon Rd. Had HLCX 8141 up front, with a LMS blue 7920 unit trailing. Approx 35 cars of stone for Grand Rapids. 08/30/06~Z~
MOWOn the drive home, saw the 8 or so MOW machines sitting in the siding at Hudsonville, while crews were still working on the 40th Ave crossing. Can't believe that crossing has been torn up with some sort of crews working almost every weekday for at least 2-3 months. 08/23/06~Z~
CSXT 260CSXT 260 and CSXT 9 head west on K357-06 clearing the signals at Ivanrest, heading into the fading sun. 08/08/06~Z~
D009-08 BallastWow, sun pointing directly at me really jacked this shot up... so 100% shadows and 100% highlight adjustment resulted in this, and here it is :) D009-08 with CSXT 8674 and CSXT 2724, 08/08/06.~Z~
CSXT 8674D009-08 with CSXT 8674 and CSXT 2724 head long hood forward through Hudsonville. Stopped in a turn around for a quick grab shot, and it was off to Jenison. 08/08/06~Z~
BNSF 5801BNSF 5801 leads a creme and green BNSF unit with 2 empty bad ordered hoppers..ditch lights on, but train wasn't moving..sat here for a while, then MOW got called between here in Grandville and Hudsonville to work, so who knows why the ditch lights were on. 07/31/06~Z~
CSXT 171Caught them starting at Ivanrest..didn't think I had time to shoot them in Grandville(was wrong) so I headed out near 12th St in Jenison for this photo of CSX N923. CSXT 171(badly faded, but in good light) in the lead, bringing these loads to West Olive. 07/25/06~Z~
CSXT 171CSX N923 is just starting to pull at Ivanrest. Got a number of photos of them at Ivanrest sitting, then the sun comes out and they pull. Conductor had wandered off to Porter Lake while they rested. 07/25/06~Z~
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