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West Isle Line Overview

The West Isle Line is a private railroad and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nutrien (formerly Western Farm Service). The railroad began service on January 7, 1998 after being acquired from BNSF. The line runs for 5.25 miles from Alpaugh, California to a connection with the BNSF Railway at Stoic (milepost 936 on BNSF's Bakersfield Subdivision). Western Farm Service is the only customer on the line.

Western Farm Service bought the line from the BNSF in order to avoid having the BNSF's "Alpaugh Branch" abandoned.

The railroad rosters one GP9, a Shuttlewagon, and an ex-BN gondola used a buffer car.

WIL interchanges with BNSF at Stoic, California.

West Isle Line Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Nutrien Alpaugh Fertilizer Manufacturer Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars Sole customer.

West Isle Line Locomotives

Number Model Built History Notes
WIL 3399 GP9 1956 Ex-SP 3399/SP 5639.

West Isle Line Rolling Stock

Number Type of Railcar Built History Notes
WIL 966087 Gondola 19?? Ex-BN 966087. Used as a buffer car.

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