Vandalia Railroad

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  • The Vanadlia Railroad, owned by Pioneer Railcorp since 1994, operates in Vandalia, Illinois and was founded in December 1983 after ICG abandoned operations in the city.
  • VRRC operates 3.5 miles of track, which is mostly used for car storage.
  • The railroad interchanges with CSX in Vandalia, Illinois.

Vandalia Railroad Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
VRRC 104 SW9 1950 Ex-VRRC 2271/LN 2271. Listed for sale.
PREX 910 GP9 1957 Ex-SSW 824. Arrived on the property in 2019.

Vandalia Railroad Customers

Customer Location Company Type Car Type Notes
Midwest Blow Molding Vandalia Bottle Packaging Manufacturer Covered Hoppers Formerly Graham Packaging. Main customer.

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