Salt Lake, Garfield and Western Railway

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Utah Central Railway Overview

Utah Central Railway Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
UCRY 201 GP9 1957 Ex-RARW 201/MWRR 201/WM 6419/WM 44. Operational. Main locomotive.
UCRY 1010 GP39-2 1980 Ex-RARW 1010/KCCX 709. KCC raised cab. Plant switcher at Western Zirconium, Little Mountain, Utah since 2010.
UCRY 1401 GP15-1 1979 Ex-LTEX 1401/NS 1401/CR 1609. Operational. Main locomotive.
UCRY 1418 GP15-1 1979 Ex-LTEX 1418/NS 1418/CR 1640. Operational. Main locomotive.
UCRY 1496 GP15-1 1979 Ex-LTEX 1496/BNSF 1496/BN 1396/SLSF 121. Operational. Main locomotive.
UCRY 1854 H-12-44 1953 Ex-DODX 53205/DLA 53205/USAX 1854. Owned by Business Depot Ogden. Occasionally used by UCRY.

Utah Central Railway Ogden Business Park Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Home Depot Distribution Center Ogden Distribution Center Boxcars/Centerbeam Flatcars
Kenco Logistics Ogden Warehouse Boxcars
Specialized Rail Service Ogden Warehouse Boxcars
American Alloy Steel Ogden Steel Distributor Steel Coil Cars
Kenco Warehouse Ogden Warehouse Boxcars
UCRY Transload Ogden Bulk & Liquid Transload Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars

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