Portland Vancouver Junction Railroad

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Portland Vancouver Junction Railroad Overview

Portland Vancouver Junction Railroad operates between Vancouver Junction, WA and Battle Ground, WA (the rest of the line is operated by the Chelatchie Prairie tourist railroad).

Clark County leases the rail line between Vancouver and Battle Ground to the Portland Vancouver Junction Railroad, and leases the section between Heisson and Chelatchie Prairie to a seasonal excursion train operator, BYCX. Over the years, volunteers have spent thousands of hours maintaining the tracks between Moulton Falls and Chelatchie Prairie to help keep the excursion train running.

PJVR interchanges with BNSF and UP at Vancouver Junction, Washington.

Portland Vancouver Junction Railroad Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
PJVR 211 SW1200 1965 Ex-CBRW 211/WCRC 211/MP 1269.
GMTX 398 MP15AC 1976 Ex-UPY 1427/UP 1427/UP 1414/MILW 457. Still on roster?

Portland Vancouver Junction Railroad Customers

Customer Location Company Type Receives/Ships Notes
Bonneville Power JD Ross Complex Vancouver Substation Complex Depressed Flatcars/Tank Cars
Knez Building Materials Vancouver Building Materials Boxcars Active shipper?
Omega Industries Vancouver Railroad Materials Flatcars/Gondolas
Linde Vancouver Chemical Company Tank Cars
Canfield Transfer Vancouver Transload Terminal Covered Hoppers
Ed's Economy Roofing Brush Prairie Roofing Contractor Covered Hoppers
Andersen Plastics Battle Ground Plastic Bottle Manufacturer Covered Hoppers

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