Mission Mountain Railroad

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Mission Mountain Railroad Overview

Mission Mountain Railroad Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
ISRY 116 GP7 1951 Ex-APNC 116/MKT 116/MKT 1526.
ISRY 973 GP7 1953 Ex-DTI 973. Out of service. Still on roster?
CBFX 1595 SW1500 1972 Ex-PRLX 2205/NS 2205/CR 9515/PC 9515.

Mission Mountain Railroad Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Centerville Iron & Metal Centerville Scrapyard Gondolas
ISRY Transload Centerville Transload Facility Covered Hoppers/Centerbeam Flatcars
Smith Fertilizer & Grain Centerville Grain Elevator and Fertilizer Supplier Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars Active shipper?
Bemis Centerville Packaging Products Covered Hoppers
Lee Container Centerville Plastic Products Covered Hoppers
Propane Transload Moravia Propane Supplier Tank Cars
RELCO Albia Locomotive Repair and Manufacturer Locomotives

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