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Marquette Rail Overview

Marquette Rail is a Class III rail carrier that began operations in 2005 with the purchase of 130 miles of former PM trackage from CSX Transportation. The track operated by MQT consists of the former CSX Baldwin, Ludington and Manistee subdivisions. The railroad is headquartered in Ludington and its main mechanical shop is located in Manistee.

Marquette Rail was acquired by RailAmerica in 2012. That same year in December, RailAmerica would be acquired by Genessee & Wyoming. MQT remains a subsidiary of Genessee & Wyoming.

MQT interchanges all rail traffic with CSX and Grand Elk (via CSX) in Grand Rapids.

Marquette Rail Radio Frequencies

Frequency Channel Description
160.440 22 MQT Road Channel
161.310 80 MQT Yard Channel
CSX Frequencies (Used South of Turner Street)
160.230 08 CSX Road Channel
160.320 14 CSX RN Dispatcher

Marquette Rail Train Symbols

As of May 1st, 2016:

Marquette Rail operates six regularly scheduled trains out of two crew pools: North (Ludington and Manistee) and South (Sparta).

Click on the train name for details.


Turn Job

Ludington Yard Job

Baldwin Blazer

Manistee Yard Job

Marquette Meteor

Marquette Rail Locomotive Roster

Number Model Built Unit History Paint Scheme Notes
MQT 2040 GP38-2 1972 Ex-MQT 2004/GMTX 2191/LLPX 2338/UP 469/UP 1969/EMDX 837/CR 8037/PC 8037. Patched UP w/ MQT Logos Renumbered Sep. 2014. Temp. assigned to GRE Oct 28-30, 2014.
MQT 2041 GP38-2 1972 Ex-MQT 2005/GMTX 2183/LLPX 2324/UP 447/UP 1947/EMDX 811/CR 8011/PC 8011. G&W w/ MQT Logos Renumbered & Patched Oct. 2014.
MQT 2042 GP38-2 1972 Ex-MQT 2006/GMTX 2188/LLPX 2333/UP 459/UP 1959/EMDX 825/CR 8025/PC 8025. Patched UP w/ MQT Logos Renumbered Sep. 2014.
MQT 2043 GP38-2 1972 Ex-MQT 2007/GMTX 2177/LLPX 2308/UP 421/UP 1921/EMDX 764/CR 7964/PC 7964. Patched UP w/ MQT Logos Renumbered Oct. 2014.
MQT 2044 GP38-2 1972 Ex-MQT 2008/GMTX 2192/LLPX 2339/UP 445/UP 1945/EMDX 809/CR 8009/PC 8009. Patched UP w/ MQT Logos Renumbered Sep. 2014.
MMRR 2057 GP38 1970 Ex-GR 3839/GR 5106/CSXT 2106/B&O 4806 G&W w/ MMRR Logos Renumbered & Repainted July 2014.
MQT 3389 SD40-2 1972 Ex-GLLX 3001/CP 5595. G&W w/ MQT Logos Renumbered & Repainted Sep. 2013.
MQT 3391 SD40-2 1974 Ex-HESR 3391/GLLX 3003/CP 5803. G&W w/ MQT Logos Renumbered & Repainted Oct. 2013. Reassigned (and relettered) to HESR from Jan. 2015 to Oct. 2019.
MQT 3406 SD40-2 1971 Ex-FURX 3001/SOO 750. G&W w/ MQT Logos Added to MQT after G&W purchase. Rebuilt by VMV Paducah Jun. 2014.
MQT 3408 SD40-2 1971 Ex-FURX 3025/BN 7306/MP 3081/MP 781. G&W w/ MQT Logos Added to MQT after G&W purchase. Rebuilt by VMV Paducah Jul. 2014.

Former Marquette Rail Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
GLLX 4 SW9 1951 Ex-LCTR 4/CO 5258. Leased, now off the property. Currently stored in Hartford, MI.
KLWX 81 SD20 1960 Ex-IMRR 81/CIM 81/IC 2202/ICG 2022/ICG 6316/SOU 6316. C&IM Green. Built as an SD24. Rebuilt by ICG. Arrived 02/19/2017, left 7/3/18.
CSX 465 CW44AC 2000 Ex-CSX 465. Leased briefly during 2005 start up.
CSX 517 CW44AC 2001 Ex-CSX 517. Leased briefly during 2005 start up. Wrecked in Indiana on 1/6/2012, later scrapped.
GLLX 921 GP18 1959 Ex-Twin Branch Coal 921/NW 921 "Miss Scarlet." Used briefly in 2006 then returned to Lansing, MI Conrad Yelvington stone yard. Currently stored in Hartford, MI.
FGLK 1702 GP9 1959 Ex-FMRC 286/MILW 286. Leased; returned to Finger Lakes in 2006. Transferred back to FMRC in 2008. Sold to MEI in 2015 and rebuilt as HZGX 210.
GMTX 2635 GP38-2 1971 Ex-GMTX 2635/LLPX 2042/CR 7875/PC 7875. Leased; Returned to GMTX in 2011. Now leased to MBTA.
GMTX 2648 GP38-2 1969 Ex-GMTX 2648/CR 7727/PC 7727. Leased; Returned to GMTX in 2011. Now FGLK 2005.
GMTX 2652 GP38-2 1971 Ex-GMTX 2652/CR 7907/PC 7907. Leased; Returned to GMTX in 2011. Now on the W&W as GMTX 2689.
GMTX 2653 GP38-2 1970 Ex-GMTX 2653/LLPX 2035/NCVA 5142/CSX 2141/SBD 6232/LN 4011. Leased; Returned to GMTX in 2011. Now leased to UP.
GMTX 2676 GP38-2 1969 Ex-GMTX 2676/CR 7674/PC 2014/PRSL 2014. Leased in 2006; Returned to GATX in fall 2009. Now leased to UP.
GMTX 2680 GP38-2 1964 Ex-GMTX 2680/SP 6317/SP 7468. Leased in fall of 2009; Returned to GATX in spring 2011. Current status unknown.
NREX 2903 GP50 1980 Ex-NREX 2903/FURX 2903/UP 5512/UP 902/CNW 5053. Leased during startup. Stored at NRE Mt. Vernon.
NREX 2911 GP50 1980 Ex-NREX 2911/FURX 2911/UP 5518/CNW 5061. Leased during startup. Stored at NRE Mt. Vernon.
NREX 2933 GP50 1980 Ex-NREX 2933/FURX 2933/UP 5546/CNW 5083. Leased during startup. Now FWWR 2012.
NREX 2935 GP50 1980 Ex-NREX 2935/FURX 2935/UP 5534/CNW 5085. Leased during startup. Now NKCR 5102.
NREX 2939 GP50 1980 Ex-NREX 2939/FURX 2939/UP 5547/CNW 5089. Leased during startup. Now FWWR 2011.
NREX 2943 GP50 1980 Ex-NREX 2943/FURX 2943/UP 5538/CNW 5093. Leased during startup. Now at Freeport-McMoRan, Sahuarita, AZ.
MQT 3000 GP10 1953 Ex-TZPR 3000/TWRY 3419/PNCX 3419/SP 3419/TNO 248. Reassigned from TZPR in 08/2013. Re-Stenciled for MQT 10/2013. Sold to LTEX 11/18.
FURX 3018 SD40-2 1970 Ex-FURX 3018/DME 6066/CR 814/CR 6264/PC 6264. Leased briefly during start-up. Now stored at NREX.
NREX 3181 SD40-2 1972 Ex-NREX 3181/UP 3181. Arrived 04/2014; Departed 01/2015. Was stored at NRE Dixmoor until 2020.
ISRR 3388 SD40-2 1980 Ex-FURX 7926/BNSF 7926/BN 7926/CS 7926. Reassigned from ISRR to MQT 02/25/2014. Reassigned from MQT to ISRR 08/03/2014.
MQT 3390 SD40-2 1972 Ex-GLLX 3002/CP 5638. Renumbered/Repainted from GLLX 3002 10/2013. Reassigned to HESR 04/2016.
MQT 3407 SD40-2 1966 Ex-FURX 3024/CR 6299/PC 6046/PRR 6046. Added to MQT after G&W purchase. Rebuilt by VMV Paducah 08/2014. Reassigned to TP&W in 2020.
KRR 3805 GP35M 1964 Ex-MP 2561/TP 2547/CEI 664/CEI 256. Reassigned from GRE 07/2015; Activated 04/2016; Severe electrical fire 04/2017. Sold to LTEX as #2517. Being rebuilt by American Motive Power.
OHCR 4223 SD40-2 1978 Ex-OHCR 4223/UP 4223/MP 3223. Leased in early 2006. Returned to OHCR in winter 2006. Now IORY 3472.
RLK 3585 HR412W 1981 Ex-CN 3585/CN 2585. Never actually ran while on property. Current status unknown.
RLK 3586 HR412W 1981 Ex-CN 3586/CN 2586. Never actually ran while on property. Current status unknown.
TPW 4056 GP40X 1978 Ex-SP 7200. Reassigned to CF&E 07/2019. Sold to LTEX 11/2020.
GLLX 4433 GP9 1954 Ex-GLLX 4433/GTW 4433/GTW 1757. Leased. Left property 04/11/2014. Currently leased by CHS in Wayland, MI.
MPEX 5000 MK-50-3 1999 Ex-MPEX 5000/DME 5000/ATSF 5501/ATSF 5581/ATSF 1881. Currently owned by Wabtec.
NREX 5418 SD40-2 1976 Ex-NREX 5418/CP 5418/CP 673/KCS 673. Leased. Arrived 4/20/2014 and departed 4/10/2015. Current status unknown.
CSX 8604 SD50-2 1985 Ex-CSX 8604. Leased briefly during winter 2008. Currently stored in Cumberland, MD.
OHCR 9934 SD40-2 1979 Ex-OHCR 9934/UP 9934/UP 4270/MP 3270. Leased in early 2006. Returned to OHCR in winter 2006. Now OHCR 4030.

Marquette Rail Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Van's Logistic Services Walker Lumber Products Boxcars/Flatcars
Weekes Forest Products Comstock Park Lumber & Building Materials Centerbeam Flats/Boxcars
Quality Liquid Feed Comstock Park Liquid Feed Tank Cars
Michigan Rail & Storage Comstock Park Transload Facility & Warehouse Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars/Flatcars
Flat Rock Bagging Sparta Packaged Salt & Ice Melt Covered Hoppers
Packaging Personified Sparta Food Packaging Covered Hoppers
Kent City Farm & Garden Kent City Fertilizer Supplier Covered Hoppers Inactive?
Willbur-Ellis Grant Fertilizer Supplier Tank Cars/Covered Hoppers
Michigan Agricultural Commodities (MAC) Newaygo Grain, Corn, & Bean Elevator Covered Hoppers
Ceres Solutions White Cloud Feed Manufacturing Covered Hoppers
Koppers Baldwin Railroad Ties Gondolas Green ties from local sawmills.
Cal-Chlor Ludington Calcium Chloride Packaging & Distribution Covered Hoppers/Boxcars
Occidental Chemical Ludington Calcium Chloride Products Tank Cars/Covered Hoppers
Towns Brother Construction Ludington Used Oil Filter Transload Gondolas
MQT Transload Ludington Transload Facility Covered Hoppers
Martin Marietta Stronach Magnesia Chemicals Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars Inbound lime & outbound tank cars.
Morton Salt Manistee Salt Products Boxcars/Covered Hoppers
Rieth-Riley Manistee Asphalt Terminal Tank Cars
Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) Filer City Containerboard Mill Boxcars/Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars

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