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Coos Bay Rail Link Overview

Coos Bay Rail Link Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Cornerstone Industrial Minerals Lakeview, OR Perlite Ore Loading Covered Hoppers
Pacific Pine Products Lakeview, OR Building Door Manufacturer Covered Hoppers
Collins Sawmill Lakeview, OR Sawmill Centerbeam Flatcars/Woodchip Hoppers
Red Rock Biofuels Lakeview, OR Biofuel Refinery Open Hoppers Opening Spring 2020.

Coos Bay Rail Link Locomotives

Number Model Built History Notes
GOOS 926 GP7u 1953 Ex-CCT 44/ABL 2144/ATSF 2144/ATSF 2868.
HLCX 3847 GP38-2 1972 Ex-SP 4865/SP 170/CSX 2601/SBD 4091/LN 4091.
HLCX 3852 GP38-2 1972 Ex-SP 4860/SP 165/CSX 2595/LN 4085.
HLCX 3854 GP38-2 1972 Ex-UP 489/SP 4863/CSX 2599/SBD 4089/LN 4089.

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