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Coos Bay Rail Link Overview

The Coos Bay Rail Line spans 134 miles from Coquille, Oregon to Eugene, Oregon. This rail line provides connections to the North American rail network for manufacturing operations in Coos, Douglas, and Lane Counties, and for marine terminals in the Coos Bay harbor. The railroad is owned and operated by the Port of Coos Bay.

the railroad was created after Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad elected to shut down most of the Coos Bay branch in 2007. In 2008, the Surface Transportation Board ordered CORP to sell part of the branch to the Port of Coos Bay for $16.6 million. The Port completed the purchase of the line in 2009 and repaired the tunnels that led to the line's closure. The Port reopened the line as Coos Bay Rail Link. Service from Eugene to North Bend (111 miles) began in October 2011. The first locomotive to arrive in North Bend/Coos Bay in five years did so on October 12, 2012. On April 29, 2013, the railroad ran its first freight train out of Coquille, pulling the first rail cars of plywood from the Roseburg Forest Products mill in Coquille in five and a half years. This run marked the restoration of service in the entire CBR line.

After a dispute with the port over operation agreements, the port took over operations from ARG Transportation's Coos Bay Rail Link on November 01, 2018. The Port created a renamed railroad subsidiary, Coos Bay Rail Line.

CBRL interchanges with UP, PNWR, and CORP in Eugene.

Coos Bay Rail Line Locomotives

Number Model Built History Notes
CBRL 1859 MP15DC 1982 Ex-WRIX 1384/UPY 1384/UP 1384/MP 1384.
CBRL 1869 MP15DC 1975 Ex-UPY 1324/UP 1324/CNW 1311.
CBRL 1909 GP30u 1963 Ex-CBRL 2448/LTEX 2448/BNSF 2448/ATSF 2748/ATSF 1248.
CBRL 1916 GP38-3 1963 Ex-WRIX 3510/JLCX 3510/NPR 3510/GSMR 210/NW 210.
CBRL 2018 GP38-3 1965 Ex-WRIX 9968/UP 9968/UP 691/UP 637/CNW 5506/CR 3016/PC 3016/NYC 3016.
CBRL 2020 GP38-3 1965 Ex-WRIX/KFR 4508/WURR 4508/INPR 4508/WE 2657/NS 2657/SOU 2657.

Coos Bay Rail Line Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Greenhill Reload Eugene Log Yard Log Flatcars
Swanson Brothers Lumber Noti Lumber Mill Centerbeam Flatcars
American Laminators Swisshome Glulam Beam Manufacturer Centerbeam Flatcars
Fred Wahl Marine Construction Reedsport Construction Materials Flatcars/Hoppers Active shipper?
Allweather Wood North Bend Lumber Yard Centerbeam Flatcars
Roseburg Forest Products North Bend Woodchip & Lumber Transload Woodchip Hoppers/Boxcars
Southport Lumber North Bend Lumber Mill Centerbeam Flatcars
AmeriGas Propane North Bend Propane Terminal Tank Cars Active shipper?
K2 Log Exports North Bend Log Yard Log Flatcars
Roseburg Forest Products Coquille Plywood Manufacturer Boxcars

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