City of Prineville Railway

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City of Prineville Railway Overview

City of Prineville Railway Locomotives

Number Model Built History Notes
COP 1 Shay 3 Truck 1923 Ex-Mount Emily Lumber Co #1/Independence Logging Co #1. Operates a few times a year.
COP 985 GP20 1954 Ex-MILW 985/MILW 2406. Retired.
COP 989 GP20 1954 Ex-MILW 989/MILW 2388. In service.
COP 1551 SW1500 1968 Ex-CWRO 1551/WC 1551/SP 2505. In service.
COP 1837 GP9 1956 Ex-REPCO 1837/BN 1837/BN 985/GN 685. In service.

City of Prineville Railway Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
EP Minerals Celatom Diatomaceous Earth Producer Covered Hoppers Main customer.
OERR Railcar Repair Vale Refrigerated Railcar Repair Refrigerated Boxcars
Farmer Supply Fertilizer Plant Vale Fertilizer Terminal Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars Active shipper?
Farmers Supply Co-Op South Ontario Propane/Fertilizer Terminal Tank Cars

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