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Ashland Railway Overview

The Ashland Railway is a Class III railroad shortline railroad operating within North Central Ohio and based in Mansfield, Ohio. Since its inception in 1986, Ashland Railway has grown to provide service along 55 miles of track. The line runs southeast from Willard through Plymouth and Shelby, to Mansfield. From Mansfield the line runs northeast through Ashland and terminates in West Salem.

ASRY interchanges with NS in Mansfield, Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway in Plymouth, and CSX in Willard.

Ashland Railway Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
ASRY 30 GP10 1956 Ex-AVR 1801/CR 7576/CR 7056/PC 7056/PRR 7056. Active. Main locomotive.
ASRY 31 GP10 1956 Ex-AVR 1802/AVR 7559/CR 7559/CR 7057/PC 7057/PRR 7057. Active. Main locomotive.
ASRY 32 GP9 1957 Ex-CR 7432/PC 6032/NYC 6032. Parts source. Out of service.
ASRY 33 GP9 1957 Ex-CR 6033/PC 6033/NYC 6033. Out of service.
ASRY 65 NW2R 1946 Ex-CR 9165/PC 9165/NYC 8700. Parts source. Out of service.
ASRY 2022 GP38 1969 Ex-RMGX 2002/CC 2002/MGA 2002. Active. Main locomotive.
ASRY 2023 GP38 1969 Ex-RMGX 2003/CC 2003/MGA 2003. Active. Main locomotive.
ASRY 2024 GP38 1969 Ex-RMGX 2004/CC 2004/MGA 2004. Out of service.
ASRY 2027 GP38 1969 Ex-CC 2007/CMNW 2033/GWWR 2033/CR 7787/PC 7787. Active. Main locomotive.
ASRY 9166 NW2R 1949 Ex-ASRY 66/DRHY 66/CR 9166/NYC 8804/IHB 8804. Active. Main locomotive.

Ashland Railway Rolling Stock

Number Type of Railcar Built History Notes
ASRY 24504 Caboose 1970 Ex-CR 24504/PC 24504. Used for the annual Christmas train.
ASRY 533448 Boxcar 1981 Ex-NOKL 533448/MEC 35021. Used for the annual Christmas train.

Ashland Railway Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
LSC Communications Willard Printing Company Boxcars
Central Ohio Warehouse Shelby Warehouse Boxcars/Refrigerated Boxcars
Milliron Recycling Mansfield Scrapyard Gondolas
OmniSource Mansfield Scrapyard Gondolas
Mansfield Railport Mansfield Warehouse/Transload Boxcars/Steel Coil Cars/Gondolas/Centerbeam Flatcars/Covered Hoppers
AK Steel Mansfield Steel Mill Flatcars/Steel Coil Cars/Gondolas
ASRY Transload Mansfield Transload Terminal Covered Hoppers Near NS interchange.
McFarland Cascade Mansfield Poles and Pilings Supplier Flatcars/Bulkhead Flatcars
ASRY Transload Mansfield Transload Terminal Covered Hoppers North of town.
Barbasol Ashland Shaving Cream Manufacturer Tank Cars
Packaging Corporation of America Ashland Packaging Company Boxcars
Liqui-Box Ashland Packaging Company Covered Hoppers
ASRY Transload Ashland Transload Terminal Covered Hoppers
Premium Building Products West Salem Building Products Covered Hoppers

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