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Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad Overview

The Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad, operated by Midwest & Bluegrass Rail, runs over nearly 40 miles of track between Youngstown, Ohio and Darlington, Pennsylvania. The line has seen a decrease in customers since the late 1990's, and it is mainly used for car storage. Currently the main and largest customer is PennOhio Waste, which uses the railway to haul hoppers full of construction and demolition debris to its Negley, Ohio landfill. The line east of Negley to Darlington has no customers, and is used solely for car storage.

In 2020 the unloading terminal for PennOhio Waste was moved to the Signal Rail Terminal in nearby Signal; meaning the entire line east of Signal will be only used for car storage for the time being.

YSRR interchanges with Norfolk Southern in Youngstown, Ohio and with CSX in Lowellville, Ohio.

Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
IBCX 18 GP18 1960 Ex-CRL 14/CRIP 1339. Operational.
IBCX 77 GP9 1954 Ex-NCIR 77/BAR 77. Operational.
IBCX 222 GP9 1958 Ex-TISH 222/MSRC 9005/IC 9368. Operational.
IBCX 752 GP7R 1951 Ex-KJR 752/WSOR 752/FRVR 4329/CNW 4329/CNW 1527. Stored. Overhaul.
IBCX 771 GP9 1953 Ex-OHCR 771/AMTK 771/LN 432. Stored.
IBCX 1706 GP16 1951 Ex-CKIN 1706/SWP 1706/CSX 1706/CRR 4606/ACL 236. Operational.
IBCX 2097 GP7u 1952 Ex-GNRR 2097/ATSF 2842. Stored?
IBCX 4532 GP10 1957 Ex-CNW 4532/CNW 1729. Stored. Parts source.
IBCX 7225 GP9RM 1958 Ex-CN 7225/NAR 210. Operational.
IBCX 8340 GP10 1957 Ex-PAL 8340/ICG 8048/IC 9339. Operational.
IBCX 8343 GP10 1957 Ex-PAL 8343/ICG 8040/IC 8040/IC 9040. Out of service.

Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Lumber Transload Youngstown, OH Lumber Yard Centerbeam Flatcars At former old P&LE yard.
Wester Fuel & Supply Youngstown, OH Lumber Yard Centerbeam Flatcars
Associated Paper Stock North Lima, OH Recycling Company Boxcars
Signal Rail Terminal Signal, Ohio Transload Terminal Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars
PennOhio Waste Signal, Ohio C&D Debris Unloading Open Hoppers
PennOhio Waste Negley, Ohio C&D Debris Unloading Open Hoppers

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