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  • AAR Reporting Marks: WSRY
  • Operates two lines in north, central Indiana formerly operated by Rail America.
    • Logansport - Kokomo
    • Logansport - Bringhurst
  • Currently both lines are being operated by US Rail, under contract with Kokomo Grain, who owns the two lines. Kokomo Grain also owns a third line connecting Amboy, IN with Marion, IN, which is apparently still operated by the CERA.
  • Interchange:
  • History:
    • Operated by Kokomo Grain company since January 2008, after Rail America's contract to operate the lines ended and was not renewed.
    • Railfan chatter at the time indicated that the owners were less than pleased with Rail America's decision to remove the line from Logansport to Winamac a couple years prior to startup. The line had formed a crucial link in Rail America's route across Illinois and Indiana, joining the TP&W operation with the CERA operation.
  • Power:
    • HLCX 1010 (Leased by US Rail)- Returned circa 2011
    • HLCX 1017 (Leased by US Rail)- Returned circa 2011
    • WSRY 1754 (Owned by Kokomo Grain Company)- OOS
    • USRP 402
  • Radio:
    • Channel 53: 160.905 (US Rail)
  • Other Items of Note:
    • Walton- The Andersons have a facility just south of town switched by B&O 9539, a NW2 still wearing it's original Baltimore and Ohio paint. A sister unit was cut up in 2007, also dressed in original B&O paint.

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