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  • The train is based in Baldwin, Michigan.
  • It is a secondary local freight, operating as needed in Z151's local service area, which is south of Baldwin to Grand Rapids
  • The train is generally called only when the local switching duties are too much for Z151 to handle alone, or Z151 is falling far behind and needs to bypass shortwork.


Call time, duties change as needed.

Frequency: As needed. Call time: Varies


Generally, Sparta Locals use one of the railroad's GP38-2s for power. However, they have been seen using two to ease in switching maneuvers.


Train usually runs south from Baldwin as far as needed then returns to Baldwin with all traffic (outbounds then transferred to Z151). Sometimes, the train will enter CSX property as Z152 (Z151 has been heard as well) to use the Run-around between Fuller and Turner Street.

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