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The Southern Michigan Railroad Society(SMRS)is based in Clinton Michigan and offers train excursions between Clinton, Tecumseh, and Raisin Center. The Railroad normally operates between May and October.


The Southern Michigan Railroad Society(SMRS) was founded in 1982 in a effort to save Conrail's "Clinton Branch". In 1985 the SMRS purchased the line and set to work fixing it up and running motor car trips. 1987 brought about the groups first engine and passenger equipment in the form of two cabooses. Former Western Maryland GE 44 tonner #75 arrived in 1996. Former Detroit and Mackinac GE 44 tonner #10 joined in the Fall of 2012, and its the newest addition to the Southern Michigan Railroad fleet. Today the SMRS offers quality train excursions though the Lenawee County countryside.


Summer runs are normally a 1-1/2 hour ride between Clinton and Tecumseh. In the fall a shuttle service is operated between the two towns during the Clinton Fall Festival and the Tecumseh Applumkin Festival. During October the railroad offers popular "Fall Color Tours" from Tecumseh south to Raisin Center. Several Holiday train ofter run in November and December also.


The train usually consists of the GE 44 tonner #75, South Shore Car #1, the NYC gondola, and either the bay window or the cupola caboose.


Number Model/Type Year Built Year Acquired Railroad Notes
75 GE 44 tonner 1943 1996 Western Maryland Main engine for the Society
10 GE 44 Tonner 1942 2012 Detroit and Mackinac/M&STL Recently acquired from the SRI and is awaiting restoration.
275 GMDH-3 1960 GMD Prototype/McKinnon Industries One of a kind engine
1 Plymouth Switcher 1985 Hayes-Albion Company SMRS' first engine.
20 Alco RS1 1950 1985 Ann Arbor Currently on display in Shepherd, MI
21 Alco RS1 1950 1985 Ann Arbor Stored in Lenawee Junction, Awaiting Restoration

Passenger Equipment

Number Model/Type Year Built Year Acquired Railroad Notes
#1 Electric Interurban Car 1926 Chicago South Bend & South Shore Main Passenger Car for the Society
#36 Electric Interurban Car 1929 Chicago South Bend & South Shore Stored in Lenawee Junction
Pipe Gondola PS-5 1949 New York Central Converted into a open air car.
#3296 Pullman "Emerald Vale" Heavyweight Sleeper 1915 1985 Ann Arbor Stored in Lenawee Junction.
#4330 MU Car 1929 2016 New York Central Under restoration. Last mechanically intact New York Central MU Car.


Number Model/Type Year Built Year Acquired Railroad Notes Class
21692 Bay Window Caboose 1952 1987 New York Central NYC Oxide Red- White Lettering N7
C305/19882 Cupola Caboose 1987 New Haven/Penn Central Repainted to PC colors NE-5
75057 Transfer caboose Grand Trunk Western Used for MOW.

Other Cars

Type Railroad Number Notes
Boxcar Ann Arbor 1357 Stored in Lenawee Junction.
Flat Car Grand Trunk Western/SMRS 54207 MOW/Tie Service
Flat Car Grand Trunk Western/SMRS 85800 MOW/Tie Service
Speeders Various Owners Used For Special Occasions