Portland and Western Railroad

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Portland and Western Railroad Overview

Oregon Electric District Customers

  • Runs from Eugene to Beaverton (TriMet BTC).
Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Specialty Laminates Eugene Scrapyard Gondolas
M&P Reload and Warehousing Eugene Transload Terminal & Warehouse Boxcars/Centerbeam Flatcars
Schnitzer Steel Eugene Scrapyard Gondolas
Ferrellgas Eugene Propane Supplier Tank Cars
Murphy Company Eugene Engineered Wood Products Boxcars
Georgia-Pacific Chemicals Eugene Chemical Company Tank Cars
Tyree Oil Eugene Petroleum Products Tank Cars
Teevin Brothers Eugene Log Yard Log Flatcars
PakTech Eugene Packaging Company Covered Hoppers
Carson Eugene Petroleum Products Tank Cars
Murphy Plywood Eugene Plywood Manufacturer Boxcars
McFarland Cascade Eugene Utility Poles Flatcars
Seneca Jones Timber Eugene Sawmill Centerbeam Flatcars
States Industries Eugene Engineered Wood Products Boxcars
Lafarge Eugene Cement Terminal Covered Hoppers
Alpine Lumber & Building Products Junction City Lumber Yard Centerbeam Flatcars
Junction City Reload Junction City Transload Terminal & Warehouse Boxcars/Centerbeam Flatcars/Bulkhead Flatcars
Hunton's Seed Warehouse Junction City Agricultural Products Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars
Cascade Warehouse Junction City Lumber Transload Centerbeam Flatcars
Eagle Veneer Junction City Plywood Supplier Boxcars
CHS Nutrition Harrisburg Animal Feed Manufacturer Covered Hoppers
Eagle Plywood Specialties Harrisburg Plywood Manufacturer Boxcars Active shipper?
Willamette AG Harrisburg Fertilizer Supplier Tank Cars
Knife River Prestress Harrisburg Concrete Supplier Covered Hoppers
Hayworth Seed Warehouse Harrisburg Agricultural Products Covered Hoppers
Lonnie Parker Farms Harrisburg Agricultural Warehouse Boxcars Active shipper?
Pimm Warehouse Halsey Agricultural Warehouse Boxcars/Covered Hoppers Active shipper?
Georgia-Pacific Halsey Pulp & Paper Mill Boxcars/Covered Hoppers
Smith Seed Halsey Agricultural Seed Boxcars
Wilbur-Ellis Halsey Agricultural Nutrition Products Covered Hoppers
Parker & Parker Warehouse Shedd Agricultural Warehouse Boxcars Active shipper?
Mclagan Farms Tangent Agricultural Warehouse Boxcars Active shipper?
Corvalis Feed & Seed Albany Agricultural Products Covered Hoppers/Boxcars Active shipper?
ATI Metals Albany Metal Products Tank Cars
Arauco Albany Wood Products Boxcars
Weyerhaeuser Millersburg Lumber Distribution Center Centerbeam Flatcars/Boxcars
Camco Manufacturing Millersburg RV & Camping Products Tank Cars/Covered Hoppers
Cascade Warehouse Salem Warehouse Boxcars
Capital City Companies Salem Warehouse Boxcars
Cascade Warehouse Salem Lumber Yard/Transload Centerbeam Flatcars
Fitzmaurice Fertilizer Salem Fertilizer Supplier Covered Hoppers
Nutrien Ag Solutions Brooks Fertilizer Supplier Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars
Marion Ag Service Brooks Grain Elevator & Fertilizer Supplier Covered Hoppers Active shipper?
Knife River Corporation Brooks Aggregate Loading Open Hoppers
Agricultural Transload St. Louis Transload Terminal Covered Hoppers
Wilbur-Ellis Company Woodburn Animal Feed & Fertilizer Supplier Covered Hoppers
Skylane Farms Woodburn Feed Mill Covered Hoppers
Marion Ag Service Hubbard Fertilizer Supplier Covered Hoppers
Valley Agronomics Donald Fertilizer Supplier Covered Hoppers
Foster Farms Aurora Feed Mill Covered Hoppers
Knife River Corporation Tonquin Aggregate Loading Open Hoppers
Praxair Tualatin Industrial Gases Tank Cars
Willamette Graystone Tualatin Stone Products Boxcars Active shipper?
Fought & Company Tigard Steel Fabrication Flatcars/Steel Coil Cars
Huttig Building Products Tigard Building Products Boxcars
Suburban Propane Tigard Propane Terminal Tank Cars
International Paper Recycling Beaverton Paper Recycling Boxcars
Pacific Lumber & Truss Beaverton Lumber Yard Boxcars
International Paper Beaverton Paper Container Plant Boxcars

Portland and Western Railroad Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
ISRY 116 GP7 1951 Ex-APNC 116/MKT 116/MKT 1526.
ISRY 973 GP7 1953 Ex-DTI 973. Out of service. Still on roster?
CBFX 1595 SW1500 1972 Ex-PRLX 2205/NS 2205/CR 9515/PC 9515.

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