Ohio South Central Railroad

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Ohio South Central Railroad Overview

OSCR is a 64 mile rail line serving Jackson, Ross and Vinton counties in Southern Ohio. The railroad primarily runs from Vauces, Ohio to Hamden, Ohio, and from Hamden to Jackson, Ohio and Red Diamond, Ohio. The line south of Jackson is currently out of service.

OSCR interchanges with CSX at Vauces, Ohio.

Ohio South Central Railroad Locomotives

Number Model Year Built History Notes
OSCR 104 GP7 1951 Ex-RRC 104/SO 104/CNW 4442/SLSF 569.
OSCR 2153 GP7u 1951 Ex-RRC 2153/MWLX 2153/ATSF 2682.
OSCR 4139 GP7R 1953 Ex-RRC 4139/CNW 4139/CRIP 1297.
OSCR 4537 GP10 1959 Ex-GWRR 4537/CNW 4537/CNW 1770.
OSCR 8395 GP10 1955 Ex-HRT 8395/GFRR 8395/AGLF 8395/DTI 987.

Ohio South Central Railroad Rolling Stock

Number Type of Railcar Built History Notes
OSCR 2748 Caboose 1941 Ex-GMRY 748/IORY 562748/WAB 562748/NW 562748.

Ohio South Central Railroad Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Austin Powder Red Diamond Explosives Manufacturer Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars
General Mills Wellston Totino's Pizza Manufacturer Boxcars
Ohio Basic Minerals Jackson Sand & Gravel Products Covered Hoppers Active shipper?
AluChem Jackson Alumina Products Covered Hoppers
MID-Continent South Jackson Warehouse Boxcars

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