Northern Ohio & Western Railway

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Northern Ohio & Western Railway Overview

Northern Ohio & Western Railway operates over 25 miles of trackage extending from Woodville to Tiffin, Ohio.

NOW interchanges with CSX at Tiffin, Ohio and Woodville, Ohio, and Norfolk Southern at Maple Grove, Ohio.

Northern Ohio & Western Railway Locomotives

Number Model Year Built History Notes
CKRY 701 GP7u 1950 Ex-CKRY 2179/ATSF 2179/ATSF 2652.
OMLX 1701 GP9 1952 Ex-CNW 4434/CR 5701/PC 5701/NYC 5701.

Northern Ohio & Western Railway Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Ameriwood Industries Tiffin Furniture Manufacturer Bulkhead Flatcars/Boxcars
Laminate Technologies Tiffin Laminated Panel Manufacturer Boxcars
Carmeuse Lime Maple Grove Lime & Stone Products Covered Hoppers
MGQ Asphalt Terminal Maple Grove Asphalt Supplier Tank Cars
Carmeuse Lime Millersville Lime & Stone Products Covered Hoppers

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