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Mid Michigan History

  • Owned by Genessee & Wyoming, formerly owned by RailAmerica (nee Railtex)
  • Accounted as three separate railroads, but operated as one
    • Muskegon - Michigan Shore Division. Operates old MS (ex GTW) trackage around Muskegon and former CSX Fremont Subdivision from West Olive to Fremont through Muskegon. Interchanges with CSX in Holland.
    • Grand Rapids - Grand Rapids Eastern Division. Operates former GTW trackage from Grand Rapids to Lowell and a small section of former PM trackage in Lowell. Interchanges with CSX, Grand Elk and Coopersville & Marne in Grand Rapids.
    • Alma - Mid Michigan Division. Operates former PM trackage from Alma to Paines. Uses power from the HESR. Interchanges with Great Lakes Central in Alma and HESR and LSRC in Paines.

Mid Michigan Trains

Symbol Origin/Base Destination/Turn Location Frequency Notes
Muskegon Switcher Muskegon Stays in Muskegon Tues, Thurs Works on days Z627 doesn't run
Z627 Muskegon Holland (Waverly Yard) Mon-Wed-Fri Symbol used on CSX
Lowell Turn Grand Rapids Lowell Varies (usually Mon-Wed-Fri) Z634 on CSX
Alma Turn Alma Paines Varies (usually 3 days a week)

Current MS, GRE & MMRR Locomotive Roster

Number Assigned to Model Built Paint History Notes
MMRR 2019 MS GP38 1970 G&W w/ MMRR logos Ex-BPRR 51/GNWR 51/CR 7862/PC 7862. First MI unit in G&W Paint, from BPRR after repaint Feb-13. Assigned to MS in Muskegon
HESR 2025 MS GP38 1967 G&W w/ HESR Logos Ex-CORP 3826/CSXT 2057/C&O 3857. Repainted from RA Scheme 5-20-14 Had electrical rebuilt 1-2017.
GR 2104 GRE GP38-2 1979 G&W w/ GR Logos Ex-CFE 3885/NREX 4619/CNW 4619
MMRR 2169 MS GP38-2 1973 G&W w/ MMRR Logos Ex-NS 5298/CR 8106/PC 8106 Currently being completed at MEI
MMRR 2170 MMRR GP38-2 1973 G&W w/ MMRR Logos Ex-NS 5295/CR 8100/PC 8100 Currently being completed at MEI
HESR 3868 MMRR GP38-2 1976 Patched Rail America Red, White & Blue Ex-Rock Island 4352, P&LE 2057 Dedicated motor for MMRR
  • Note MMRR will sometimes use HESR Power

Past Mid Michigan (MMRR, GR, MS) Locomotives

Number Model Year Built Assigned to Unit History Deposition
LUN 16 SW8 1952 MS Built as Ludington & Northern #16 in 1952 Leased to MS between 1993-1994. Eventually acquired by Pioneer and operates today as PREX 16 on the Kendalville Terminal
MMRR 24 GP9 1958 GR ex-CC&H 24 / BN 1947 / NP 368 Sold to International Paper Co. Franklin, VA in 2016
SCXY 104 GP7u 1952 MMRR ex-HESR 104 / ATSF 2064 / ATSF 2719 Parts unit for MMRR 24. Scrapped in Greenville 2007
MMRR 177 GP9 1960 MMRR ex-QCM 1 Transferred to GEXR in 1991, scrapped late 2000s
MMRR 178 GP9 1960 MMRR ex-QCM 3 Transferred to GEXR in 1991, fate unknown
MMRR 179 GP9 1960 MS ex-QCM 5 Left property in 2011, Last seen on Minnesota Northern
MS 180 GP9 1960 MS ex-MMRR 180 / QCM 6 Scrapped July 2012
MMRR 618 GP9 1956 MMRR ex-B&O 6618 / B&O 3425 Transfered to VS, parted out mid 1990s
MS 1077 RS3 1955 MS ex-D&M 1077 / LIRR 1553 Sold to OHCR 1994
MMRR 1216 SW1200 1964 MS ex-MS 73, nee-KCT 73 Reassigned to a southern G&W road. Left MS 8/12/17
SOR 1367 SW1200RS 1960 GR ex-RLK 1367 / CN 1367 Arrived in 9/2005. Ran a handful of times before being sold to MPI in 2009. Unit is now a Genset.
MMRR 2057 GP38 1970 MS, GRE ex-GR 3839, GR 5106, CSXT 2106, BO 4806 Repaint from GR 3839 to MMRR 2057 [5-25-14] Reassigned from GRE to MQT 3/2020
MMRR 3836 GP38 1967 MMRR, MS, GR ex-MMRR 5080 / CSXT 2080 / CO 3880 Reassigned to BPRR in 2013, now PBVR 2039. On long term lease from Residco Leasing - Port Bienville ( MS ) RR GP38-3 # 2039.
MQT 2042 GP38-2 1972 GR ex-GMTX 2188 / LLPX 2333 / UP 459 Had been temporarily reassigned to GRE while CFE 3885 was repainted on MQT
KRR 3801 GP35M 1965 MS ex MoPAC Reassigned to KRR in 2013
KRR 3803 GP35M 1964 MS ex MoPAC, deturboed GP35 Reassigned to TPW in 2013
KRR 3805 GP35M 1964 GR, MS ex-KRR 2605, MP 2605 Severe electrical fire in 4/2017, slated for scrap on ISRR
MMRR 5967 GP9 1955 MMRR ex-C&O 5967 Transfered to CBNS in 1996, scrapped late 2000s
MMRR 6515 GP9 1957 MMRR ex-B&O 6515 Left MMRR in early 1990s, fate unknown
MMRR 6541 GP9 1957 MMRR ex-B&O 6541 Transferred to GSWR in 1990. Scrapped late 90s

Mid Michigan (MMRR, GR, MS) Frequencies

Frequency AAR Channel Notes
161.235 75 General Operations (Grand Rapids and Muskegon Divisions)
161.520 94 General Operations (Muskegon Division)
161.145 69 General Operations (Alma Division)
160.815 47 MOW
154.600 FCC Mobiles
154.570 FCC Mobiles

Mid Michigan Customers (Alma (MMRR) Division)

Customer Location Recieves/Ships Notes
Terry Materials Alma Inbound petroleum byproducts
Mustang Mud St. Louis Inbound clay water
Bear Truss St. Louis Inbound lumber, salt and fertilizer
Michigan Chloride St. Louis Outbound chloride brine
MAC Elevator Breckenridge Outbound grain
Nutrien Ag Solutions Breckenridge Inbound fertilizer
MAC Elevator Wheeler Outbound edible beans
Andersons Hemlock Receives nitrogen solution, ships grain

Mid Michigan Customers (Grand Rapids (GRE) Division)

Customer Location Receives/Ships Notes
Poly Precision Grand Rapids CHs - Plastic Pellets
Amway Ada CHs, Tanks - Misc ingredients inbound
King Milling Lowell CHs - Grain inbound

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Mid Michigan Customers (Muskegon (MS) Division)

Customer Location Receives/Ships Notes
Groenleer Hardware Ferrysburg Covered Hoppers Inbound Fertilizer
Nugent Sand Muskegon 2 Bay Covered Hoppers
Webb Chemical Muskegon Tank Cars Receive numerous types of chemicals
Charah Solutions Muskegon Gondolas Moving flyash from closed B.C. Cobb to landfill in Essexville. 18 month project.
BASF (former Bayer Crop Science) N. Muskegon Tank Cars More than AARR would expect
Brinks Refinery N. Muskegon Tank Cars Receives inbound nitrogen solution
Fremont Co-op Elevator Fremont Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars Receives nitrogen solution, ships grain
Tri-State Lumber Fremont Box Cars Receives boxes of inbound lumber
Viking Forest Products Fremont Centerbeams Receives centerbeams of lumber

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