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Michigan Southern History

  • AAR Reporting Marks - MSO and Pioneer Rail Corp's PREX
  • Owned by Pioneer Rail Corp.
  • Interchanges rail traffic with Grand Elk in White Pigeon. Used to physically connect to the Indiana Northeastern RR in Coldwater, but tracks are now torn out.

Michigan Southern Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built Notes
MSO 66 S2 Stored, White Pigeon. Scrapped 2011
PREX 101 T6 Ex CR, nee BRW. Left railroad in early 2008
MSO 466 RS2 Former D&M. First production RS2. Stored, White Pigeon. Scrapped 2011
PREX 907 GP9 1959 Ex MILW 291
PREX 1616 GP16 Ex Family Lines/CSX. Arrived on MSO late 2010.
MSO 7804 RS3m Stored, White Pigeon. Scrapped 2011

Michigan Southern (MSO) Frequencies

Frequency AAR Channel Notes
160.755 43 General Operations

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