Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad

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Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad Overview

The Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad is located in historic downtown Lebanon, Ohio, between Dayton and Cincinnati. The attraction features nostalgic train rides that are usually themed, such as the Easter Bunny Express, North Pole Express, and rides with favorite children's characters including Thomas the Tank Engine and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

The LMM mainly runs 4.4 miles south from Lebanon Station in downtown historic Lebanon to Hageman Junction.

The railroad is owned by the Cincinnati Scenic Railroad, which also operates the Ohio Rail Experience (using the same equipment). LMM also occasionally shares equipment with the Cincinnati Dinner Train.

Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
CRC 901 GP30 1962 Ex-CNRY 85/IORY 85/NW 2901/NKP 901. Main locomotive.
CNRY 902 GP30 1962 Ex-CNRY 30/LTEX 30/USRC 30/GMRY 30/NW 2902/NKP 2902/NKP 902. Used primarily on the Cincinnati Dinner Train. Occasionally used on the LMM as backup power.
CRC 5704 GP7 1950 Ex-CRC 55/CNRY 55/IORY 55/CO 5704. Main locomotive.

Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad Rolling Stock

Number Type of Railcar Built History Notes
LMM 101 Passenger Car 1930 Ex-IORY 101/DLW. Named "Mason."
LMM 102 Passenger Car 1930 Ex-IORY 102/DLW. Named "Hageman."
LMM 103 Passenger Car 1930 Ex-IORY 103/DLW. Named "Turtle Creek."
LMM 104 Passenger Car 1930 Ex-IORY 104/DLW. Named "Lebanon."
DTI 116 Caboose 1949 Ex-DTI 116.
CRC 803 Passenger Car 1953 Ex-PPCX 803/CP 803. Stored. Named "Grove City."
CRC 812 Passenger Car 1953 Ex-PPCX 812/CP 812. Stored.
CRC 830 Passenger Car 1953 Ex-PPCX 830/CP 830.
IORC 844 Caboose 1952 Ex-IORY 562844/NW 562844/WAB 2844.
CIND 1111 Caboose 1969 Ex-CIND 1111/NW 518571.
CRC 1376 Baggage Car 1953 Ex-AMTK 1376/USAX 89679. Power car.
CRC 1379 Baggage Car 1953 Ex-AMTK 1379/USAX 89687. Concession car. Named "Queen City Tavern."
CRC 1491 Passenger Car 1949 Ex-NW "Mingo County." Named "Mingo County."
RANX 1494 Passenger Car 1942 Ex-Randolph Petroleum Company #1494 "Hummingbird"/Broadway Dinner Train/Amtrak 8039/ATSF. Privately owned. Leased to LMM. Stored pending restoration.
RPCX 3160 Caboose 1968 Ex-CO 3160. Privately owned.
CRC 3200 Passenger Car 1946 Ex-CDT 3200/PLE 3200/LN 3200.
CSX 903154 Caboose 1969 Ex-CSX 903154.
CSX 904137 Caboose 1980 Ex-CSX 904137.

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