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Great Lakes Central Overview

The Great Lakes Central Railroad is a Class 2 rail carrier formed in 2005 with the purchase of the Tuscola & Saginaw Bay Railway (TSBY). The railroad operates former Ann Arbor trackage from Ann Arbor to Yuma. GLC aso operates former PRR trackage from Cadillac to Petoskey, former PRR trackage from Walton Jct. (north of Cadillac) to Traverse City with ex PM branches to Grawn and Williamsburg, former NYC trackage from Owosso to Chesaning, and former GTW trackage from Ashley to Middleton. The GLC also operates a small portion of the abandoned CSX (C&O) Ludington Subdivision in Clare, Michigan, to serve a few industries.

GLC is jointly owned by Federated Railways and Watco.


Great Lakes Central Railroad interchanges with:

  • CN and HESR at Durand.
  • MMRR at Alma.
  • CSX at Ann Pere (Howell).
  • AA at Osmer (Ann Arbor).

Great Lakes Central (GLC) Frequencies

Frequency AAR Channel Notes
160.575 31 General Operations (Road & Dispatcher)
161.100 66 Owosso Shops

Great Lakes Central Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
GLC 329 SD40-2 1966 Ex-CEFX 3143/MKCX 5348/ATSF 5348/ATSF 5567. Stored OOS awaiting crank repair. Built as an SD45.
GLC 382 SD40-2 1970 Ex-CITX 3089/GCFX 3089/CRLX 602/CR 6262/PC 6262. In active service. Built as an SD40.
GLC 383 SD35 1965 Ex-MRL 705/IMRL 705/MRL 1553/N&W 1553 In active service. Built as a high nose unit, chopped by MRL. To be rebuilt into an SD35-3
GLC 384 SD35 1965 Ex-MRL 702/IMRL 702/MRL 1546/N&W 1546 Built as a high nose unit, chopped by MRL. To be rebuilt into an SD35-3
GLC 385 GP35 1964 Ex-TSBY 385/AA 385. Currently undergoing rebuild. First unit to wear GLC paint.
GLC 386 SD35 1965 Ex-MRL 701/IMRL 701/MRL 1566/N&W 1566 Built as a high nose unit, chopped by MRL. To be rebuilt into an SD35-3
GLC 390 GP35 1964 Ex-TSBY 390/AA 390. In active service.
GLC 391 GP35 1964 Ex-TSBY 391/AA 391. Out of service. Slated to be rebuilt.
GLC 392 GP35 1964 Ex-TSBY 392/AA 392. In active service. Second unit to wear GLC paint.
GLC 393 GP35 1964 Ex-TSBY 393/AA 393. In active service. GLC 10th Anniversary unit.
GLC 394 GP35 1964 Ex-TSBY 394/AA 394. Out of service. Slated to be rebuilt. Still in TSBY paint.
GLC 395 GP38-2 1972 Ex-LLPX 2306/ EMDX 750/CR 7950. In active service.
GLC 396 GP38-2 1972 Ex-GMTX 2325/LLPX 2325/CR 8012/PC 8012. In active service.
GLC 397 GP38-2 1972 Ex-LLPX 2327/UP 451/UP 1951/EMDX 815/CR 8015/PC 8015. Out of service. Bent frame. Will be scrapped.
GLC 398 GP38-2 1972 Ex-LLPX 2331/UP 456/UP 1956/EMDX 82/CR 8021/PC 8021. In active service.
GLC 399 GP38-2 1972 Ex-LLPX 2336/UP 1963/CR 8031/PC 8031. In active service.
GLC 1226 25 Tonner 1953 Ex-GLC 2126/TSBY 2126/Petoskey Portland Cement. Owosso shop switcher.
GLC 1977 NW2 1942 Ex-TSBY 1977/UP 1034. Out of service. Stored in Farwell. Still in TSBY paint.

Former Great Lakes Central Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
GLC 389 GP35 1964 Ex TSBY 389/AA 389. Scrapped April 2018.
GMTX 2663 GP38-2 1970 Ex-LLPX 2039/CSX 2117 /BO 4817. Leased from GATX. Returned.
GMTX 2675 GP38-2 1971 Ex-PRLX 6542/CSX 6542/BO 3766. Leased from GATX. Returned.
TSBY 2648 GP35 1965 Ex- TSBY 2648/SOU 2648. High short hood. Scrapped April 2018.
TSBY 2681 GP35 1965 Ex-TSBY 2681/SOU 2681. High short hood. Scrapped April 2018.

Great Lakes Central Rolling Stock

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
GLC 1342 Dining Car 1954 Ex-TSBY 1342/VIA 1342/CN 1342. In active service.

Great Lakes Central Customers

Customer Location Company Description Receives/Ships Notes
RheTech Whitmore Lake Plastic Materials Covered Hoppers
Cargill Owosso Feed Mill Covered Hoppers
Nutrien AG Solutions Henderson Fertilizer Supplier Covered Hoppers
The Andersons Oakley Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers/Boxcars
The Andersons Corn Plant Oakley Bean & Corn Elevator Covered Hoppers
MAC Middleton Elevator Middleton Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers
AgroLiquid Ashley Liquid Fertilizer Manufacturer Tank Cars
Zeeland Farm Services Ithaca Soybean Processing Plant Tank Cars/Covered Hoppers
Mid Michigan Specialty Crops Ithaca Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers
Shepherd Elevator Shepherd Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers
Highland Plastics Shepherd Plastic Sheet Manufacturer Covered Hoppers
Superior Fertilizer Rosebush Fertilizer Supplier Boxcars/Tank Cars
Rosebush Feed & Grain Rosebush Grain & Feed Elevator Covered Hoppers
Letherer Truss & Wall Systems Clare Lumber & Building Materials Centerbeam Flatcars
Northern Logistics Transload Clare Bulk Materials Transload Covered Hoppers
East Jordan Plastics Transload Clare Plastics Transload Covered Hoppers
Lear Farwell Automotive Seating & E-Systems Tank Cars
Ceres Solutions McBain Fertilizer Supplier Covered Hoppers
Hydrolake McBain Utility Pole Supplier Flatcars
Biewer Lumber McBain Sawmill Centerbeam Flatcars/Hoppers
Viking Energy McBain Biomass Power Plant Gondolas/Open Hoppers
Pulpwood Yard Cadillac Pulpwood Transload Pulpwood Flatcars
ABC Coke Cadillac Coke Transload Open Hoppers
Wyoming Warehouse Cadillac Feed Mill Covered Hoppers/Cottonseed Hoppers
Quality Energy Cadillac Propane Transload Tank Cars
LC Manufacturing Cadillac Hot Forging & Processing Flatcars
MAC Transload Cadillac Agricultural Transload Covered Hoppers
COVIA - Fairmount Santrol Yuma Sand Pit Covered Hoppers Inactive.
Amerhart Williamsburg Lumber Yard Centerbeam Flatcars/Boxcars
Beacon Recycling Traverse City Scrapyard Gondolas/Open Hoppers
Michigan Consolidated Gas Kalkaska Natural Gas Supplier Tank Cars
Magnum Solvent Kalkaska Chemical Transload Tank Cars
Buzzi Unicem Elmira Cement Terminal Covered Hoppers
Petoskey Plastics Petoskey Plastic Products Covered Hoppers

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