Flats Industrial Railway

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Flats Industrial Railway Overview

The Flats Industrial Railroad is a Class III railroad that provides short-line commercial/industrial switching service in Cleveland, Ohio, interchanging primarily with CSX and Norfolk Southern.

The railroad has ceased operations as of May 01, 2020.

Flats Industrial Railway Locomotives

Number Model Year Built History Notes
FIR 1202 SW1200 19?? Ex-??
FIR 1222 SW1500 1971 Ex-UPY 1165/UP 1165/SP 2596.

Flats Industrial Railway Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Grain Craft Cleveland Flour Mill Covered Hoppers Shuttered in April 2020.
Sand Transload Cleveland Sand Unloading Covered Hoppers
Werner G Smith Cleveland Chemical Producer Tank Cars

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