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Delray Connecting History

  • AAR Reporting Marks - DC.
  • Operates on Zug Island in Detroit.
  • Owned and operated by Transtar, Inc., the railroad division of U.S. Steel.
  • Operates 15.46 miles of mostly industrial trackage.
  • Interchanges with the CN, NS, CSX, and Conrail Shared Assets.
  • In addition to providing Great Lakes Works with a full service railroad switching operation, the Delray weighs cars, dumps cars at a rotary dumper, makes track repairs and repairs railroad cars at its facilities.

Delray Connecting Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built Notes
DC 1 SW9 1952 Ex-CN. Out of service, bad wheels 1-1-16.
DC 3 SW1 1952 Ex-TCCX 1991/GLS 35; viable spare.
DC 64 SW1001 19?? Ex-US Steel.
DC 65 SW10 19?? Ex-US Steel; front high Radiator fan.
DC 219 SW1001 19?? Ex-Birmingham Southern 219; still in yellow & lettered.
DC 372 MP15DC 1976 Ex-Birmingham Southern; still in yellow, new DC paint.
DC 459 SW1000 1971 Ex-New Orleans Public Belt/EJ&E.

Delray Connecting Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
US Steel Zug Island Steel Mill Gondolas/Steel Coil Cars/Bottle Cars
US Steel Hot Strip Mill River Rouge Steel Mill Steel Coil Cars/Flatcars/Hoppers
US Steel Great Lakes Mill River Rouge Steel Mill Gondolas/Hoppers/Steel Coil Cars/Bottle Cars

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