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Coopersville & Marne Railway History

  • AAR Reporting Marks - CPMY
  • The Coopersville & Marne Railway was formed in 1989 with the purchase of the ex Grand Trunk Western trackage from Coopersville to Marne from the Grand Trunk Western RR. Originally reffered to as Coopersville & Eastern, the name "Coopersville & Marne" was seen as a more fitting monicker. Operations on the C&M began in July of 1990 with a leased locomotive, a leased passenger car and a borrowed caboose. Eventually, the railroad acquired 4 coaches and an ex GTW caboose. Also purchased was a former GTW SW9, #7014, that served for years at GTW's large classification yard in Battle Creek. Run by a 100% volunteer workforce, the C&M operates passenger excursions every Saturday and most Wednesdays from April to December. The railroad also handles limited freight service after the purchase of the line from Marne to Walker (just west of Grand Rapids) known as the Kent Division (Coopersville to Marne is known as the "Ottawa" Division). Standard Lumber in Walker, MI is the only active freight customer on the line, and they take small quantities (1-3 cars) of centerbeam cars as needed (~80+ cars/year as of 2018). Until recently, freight over the Kent Division was handled by Grand Rapids Eastern, though the contract has expired. C&M currently interchanges freight with the GRE at the old St. Mary's Cement siding, just west of Ann St. yard, which gets forwarded to either CSX or Grand Elk. The freight trains are currently run under the symbol X7014. Currently, freight trains are running 2.5 times per week on average, with crew call times varying on availability.

Coopersville & Marne Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built Notes
CPMY 7014 SW9 1952 Ex GTW 7014, primary locomotive, spent most of its GTW career in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo.
CPMY 3049 50 Ton 1957 Ex Dupont switcher from Montague, MI plant. Currently out of service while plans are being made to rebuild.
CPMY 5208 NW2 1949 Ex-C&O, stored in Coopersville, used as a parts donor for 7014.
TSBY 2394 RS1 1951 Ex SB&N 402 / Vermont (Rutland) 402. Stored in Coopersville, privately owned. Sits with no traction motors and a seized engine block. No restoration planned by owner.
CN 1395 4-6-0 1913 Stored in Coopersville, privately owned. Not operable. No restoration plans in place by owner.
CPMY 20 20 Ton 1941 Ex-US Army (USAX). Built by Whitcomb, propane powered. Not operable, no plans for restoration, currently.
Augusta 300 2-6-0 1924 Named the "John Engler," it was privately owned and stored in Coopersville. Now sold and moved to the Historic White Pine Village in Ludington, with plans to restore and display.

Coopersville & Marne Frequencies

Frequency AAR Channel Notes
160.695 039 039 General Operations

Coopersville & Marne Timetable

Ottowa Division Westward

Sidings In Feet Mile Post Stations Notes
1153 166.57 Marne Platform Siding
170.06 Titusville
1370 172.50 Coopersville Station Siding

Coopersville & Marne Mileposts

Ottawa Division Westward

Location From Detroit From Penn Junction
Penn Junction 165.30 0.00
Private Crossing 165.34 0.04
Private Crossing 165.36 0.06
Private Crossing 165.43 0.13
8th Ave 165.86 0.56
Klein Switch (Out Of Service) 166.43 1.13
Marne - Franklin St - East YL 166.46 1.16
Marne - East Switch 166.47 1.17
Marne - West Switch 166.77 1.47
Marne - 16th Ave - West YL 166.80 1.50
Sand Creek 166.92 1.62
24th Ave 167.96 2.66
32nd Ave 169.03 3.73
Little Deer Creek 169.06 3.76
Titusville - 40th Ave 170.06 4.76
Private Crossing 170.54 5.24
Coopersville - 48th Ave 171.10 5.80
Coopersville - Stiles Crek 171.58 6.28
Coopersville - Randall St 171.75 6.45
Coopersville - East St 172.17 6.87
Coopersville - Deer Creek - East YL 172.28 6.98
Coopersville - East End Station Switch 172.40 7.10
Coopersville - First St 172.48 7.18
Coopersville - Station 172.60 7.30
Coopersville - Eastmanville St 172.61 7.31
Coopersville - West End Station Switch 172.85 7.55
Coopersville - West Main St 172.90 7.60
Coopersville - 64th Ave 173.22 7.92
Coopersville - Delphi Switch 173.24 7.94
Coopersville - End Of Track 173.30 8.01

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