Cincinnati Dinner Train

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Cincinnati Dinner Train Overview

The Cincinnati Dinner Train operates along Indiana & Ohio trackage from Bond Hill to the Theodore Berry Friendship Park at the Cincinnati Riverfront.

The public dinner train operates every Saturday throughout the year, with the exception of January and February.

Cincinnati Dinner Train Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
CRC 901 GP30 1962 Ex-CNRY 85/IORY 85/NW 2901/NKP 901. Occasionally used as secondary and backup power.
CNRY 902 GP30 1962 Ex-CNRY 30/LTEX 30/USRC 30/GMRY 30/NW 2902/NKP 2902/NKP 902. Main locomotive.
CRC 5704 GP7 1950 Ex-CRC 55/CNRY 55/IORY 55/CO 5704. Occasionally used as backup power.

Cincinnati Dinner Train Rolling Stock

Number Type of Railcar Built History Notes
MILW 201 Diner 1946 Ex-RA/NSR/FWRHS/PLE/LN 3203.
NYC 447 Diner 1947 Ex-CSX/CR/PC/NYC 447.
CBQ 4734 Diner 1952 Ex-AMTK 8714/AMTK 5013/CBQ 4734. Named "Silver Sword."
CNRY 1471 Material Handling Car 1986 Ex-AMTK 1471. Power Car.
ATSF 3999 Baggage Car 1960 Ex-ATSF 3999. Kitchen Car.
CNRY 41406 Bar Car 1954 Ex-RBBX 41406/AMTK 4018/AMTK 4428/SP 2365. Named "Oasis Tavern."

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