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Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad Overview

The Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad is a 3 ft narrow gauge amusement park railroad located in the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. Opened in 1963, the railroad operates on a 2 mile loop within the park. There are currently two stations, the Main Station in Celebration Plaza and the Frontier Town Station in Frontier Town.

In 2013, Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad celebrated its 50th Anniversary. In its first 50 years of operation the ride had more than 116 million passengers.

There are currently four engines in operable condition on the railroad, #44 Judy K., #22 Myron H., #4 George R., and #1 G.A. Boeckling. Myron H. or Judy K. are the primary locomotives used on a daily basis. Either locomotive can be used as the second engine for two train operations. The G.A. Boeckling and the George R. are available as back ups if their services are needed.

The red and green trains both contain 6 open air cars in each set. They were built by on old Denver and Rio Grande Western flatcars and, trucks, which were patterned after Walt Disney's Narragansett-style excursion train car set. CPLE also has a former C&O caboose (formerly used on the CPLE) that is displayed in Frontier Town.

Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad Locomotives

Number Model Year Built History Notes
CPLE 1 2-4-0 1927 Ex-Disney/Six Flags/KLRE/Mackie Clemens Fuel 55/N&S Coal. Secondary locomotive. Named "G.A. Boeckling."
CPLE 3 2-6-0 1910 Ex-Cherokee Wonderland/Levert-St. John #3/J.B. Levert. Display. Retired in 1991. Named "Albert."
CPLE 4 2-4-0 1942 Ex-Cherokee Wonderland/Carbon Limestone 34. Secondary locomotive. Named "George R."
CPLE 7 10 Ton DHD 1970 Built new for CPLE. Active. Used for MOW and switching. Named "Little Engine."
CPLE 22 2-4-0 1922 Ex-Merry Brothers Brick & Tile 22/Wayne Coal 22. Main locomotive. Named "Myron H."
CPLE 44 2-4-0 1923 Ex-Lehigh Stone 802. Main locomotive. Named "Judy K."

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