Camp Chase Railway

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Camp Chase Railway Overview

The Camp Chase Railway owns and operates approximately 15 miles of track in the Columbus, Ohio area (from Columbus to Lilly Chapel). The railroad has been owned by Indiana Boxcar Corporation since 2015.

CAMY interchanges with Norfolk Southern and CSX in Columbus, Ohio.

Camp Chase Railway Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
IBCX 4618 GP9R 1957 Ex-GTW 4618/CV 4927.
IBCX 7042 GP9RM 1957 Ex-CN 7042/CN 4606.
IBCX 7076 GP9RM 1959 Ex-CN 7076/CN 4308.

Camp Chase Railway Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Sunoco Logistics Columbus Oil Terminal Tank Cars Inactive.
Ardent Mills Columbus Flour Mill Covered Hoppers
Dispatch Media Group Columbus Printing Company Boxcars
Royal Paper Stock Columbus Paper Recycling Boxcars
CAMY Transload Facility Columbus Transload Terminal Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars
Lakeview Grains Lilly Chapel Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers Inactive.

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